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Submissions by Vlad Patryshev


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22611 JBuilder EJBs Remote Deployment for JBoss
A JSP and a command-line utility that do remote application deployment for JBoss.
10/10/2004 9:42:15 PM 0 0 bytes
20604 JBuilder Best Techniques Ubiquitous download.jsp
This jsp helps download (in a zip) files from your site. List of files/ directories is passed as parameter. Files can be renamed for download.
9/15/2003 6:09:24 PM 159 1.7K
19529 JBuilder Best Techniques Universal JSP turns JSP into a Macro Language
JSP can become a macro language if Tomcat is running somewhere around and executing a universal JSP that deploys and executes all other JSPs.
2/17/2003 10:43:48 PM 60 7.6MB
19015 JBuilder Best Techniques Run Jar or an Executable from Web
Java program (source included) runs another program (executable/jar/script/batch) from URL or local drive.
E.g.: run;
run notepad.exe
12/22/2002 10:28:49 PM 460 182.2K

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