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Submissions by Oliver Touzot


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21708 Delphi Source Code HotLog.pas - A multithreaded and buffered safe log file manager.
THotLog manages entirely a log file, has String formatting capabilities, deals with "variant open array parameters", may provide visual feedback (whithin a memo), (upd->2.2 (D5 support, some enhancements)).
7/26/2005 10:28:07 AM 860 168.3K
21927 Delphi Components TQSpiderGraph
A component which displays Spider graphs (aka "radar graphs"). Lots of preoperties (axes auto-sizing, lines highlighting by criteria, aso).
7/5/2004 10:33:34 AM 115 378.3K
21709 Delphi Components TQProgressBar
ProgressBar replacement, can be horizontal or vertical, flat or cylindric, with a gradient or not,
can show not yet reached positions, aso.
6/30/2004 9:19:33 AM 320 279.4K

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