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Submissions by Dmitry Fedorov Levit


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15396 Delphi APIs How to get the default Windows temporary directory ?
Use GetTempPath winAPI function. It returns user default temporary directory.
11/28/2000 6:42:43 PM 1322 340 bytes
15356 Delphi APIs Create a file association for win32 application 98/ME/NT/2K
How do I create a file association for my win32 application (Update for 98/ME/NT5(2000)/ME) ?

11/19/2000 9:44:53 AM 1552 842 bytes
15194 C++Builder FAQ List how to modify palette of TBitmap (set to GreyScale in this case)
how to modify a palette of TBitmap (set to GreyScale in this case)
8/31/2000 6:03:29 PM 714 528 bytes

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