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Submissions by Piotr Iwanski


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29316 C++Builder Complete Projects Kisiel Recorder Express
Burn data, CD Audio, image, save image, Rip CD Audio, erase.
2/7/2013 3:04:49 AM 128 1.8MB
29315 C++Builder Complete Projects kisiel Save Image
Save Image data to ISO, CD Audio to Bin/Cue.
2/7/2013 3:01:03 AM 65 865.8K
29297 C++Builder APIs Kisiel Burn Image
Burn Image ISO, IMG, image information
2/6/2013 12:49:01 AM 101 897.7K
29145 C++Builder Complete Projects Kisiel Burn CD Audio
Burn Audio CD, Convert mp3 -> wav, wav
11/7/2012 2:35:33 AM 78 924.8K
28830 C++Builder Complete Projects Kisiel Info CD Drive v1.3
Kisiel Info CD Drive - Information Cd/DVD/Bd drive, info media, add Erase.
4/28/2012 3:12:13 AM 74 920.7K
28787 C++Builder APIs Kisiel Info CD Drive v1.2
Welcome. Info CD drivers, write mode, CD/DVD/BD read capabilities, get config data, read disc information, read capacity, read track information, read DVD BD structure, get performance read write speed media, read format capacities. C++ builder XE.
3/23/2012 3:34:33 AM 52 853.6K
28771 C++Builder APIs Kisiel Info CD drive v1.1
3/6/2012 3:33:25 AM 26 849.7K

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