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Submissions by Alex Popkov


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16529 Delphi Source Code MCI Experimenter
This application provides a simple interface to mciSendString() function.
5/2/2004 7:39:22 AM 338 5.1K
15442 Delphi FAQ List How to detect that an application runs under IDE/debugger
The API' function IsDebuggerPresent() can recognize Delphi IDE (at least version 5 which I tried) as well as and 3rd party debuggers.
5/2/2004 7:38:40 AM 695 466 bytes
15425 Delphi FAQ List WinSock: IP address <-> host name resolving
This demo shows how to get hostname of local computer, how get IP address by hostname and how to get hostname by IP address.
5/2/2004 7:37:54 AM 2721 2.8K
15406 Delphi Source Code Fast TCP ports scanner for local machine only
This program is something like 'TCP portscanner' but it can scan ports of local machine only. It is disadvantage. But this scanner is very fast.
5/2/2004 7:36:19 AM 2082 6.7K

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