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Submissions by Stefan Zechmeister


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15463 JBuilder OpenTools CompileFile 1.5 (Jikes and Javac Support for JBuilder 4 and 5)
CompileTool provides support for jikes and javac as compilers integrated into jbuilder.
6/25/2001 4:49:32 AM 4142 65.1K
15459 JBuilder OpenTools JavaDoc Editor 1.0a
JavaDoc Editor is a opentool for jbuilder which enables you to easily create javadoc comments.
5/21/2001 5:26:18 AM 8928 118.6K
15462 JBuilder OpenTools ThemeTool 1.1.1 (Change the Look of JBuilder)
ThemeTool enables support for themes introduced by swing's metal look and feel.
2/1/2001 2:33:55 AM 3453 51.9K

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