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Submissions by Claude GUTH


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24150 Delphi Source Code GPS NMEA Extractor
Basic component to extract Lat/Long, Date/Time... from GPS NMEA receiver.
10/5/2006 9:10:08 AM 483 1.6MB
23835 Delphi Source Code Thin client with FB/Interbase as Delphi application server
Run your Delphi applications with a thin client
using Firebird as application and object DB
12/1/2005 10:29:42 PM 670 6.6MB
20281 Delphi Source Code OpenAvionics
Package with basic aviation instruments as Delphi components. Part of the OpenAvionics project.
7/7/2003 3:57:01 AM 9 0 bytes
18956 InterBase Source Code IBFacilitator 0.97 (FB 1.5 compatible and autosave feature)
IBFacilitator is an « all in one » component based on IBX to easily connect, backup, restore and repair your IB database.
10/9/2002 5:54:44 AM 670 351.6K
17205 InterBase Components IBFacilitator v 0.95 (FB compatible)
IBFacilitator is an « all in one » component based on IBX. It will help you to easily connect to your IB database, backup and restore it, and (hopefully never) repair it. Now Firebird compatible.
12/21/2001 3:05:01 AM 836 358.9K
16880 InterBase Technical Information Bulletin IB install script
update of IB install script for inno setup
11/2/2001 12:05:25 AM 454 104.4K
16593 InterBase Source Code IBFacilitator v 0.94
IBX based component to connect/backup/restore IB 6 databases
9/30/2001 1:29:01 PM 516 33.3K
16356 InterBase Components IBFacilitator v 0.91
IBFacilitator is a D5 component that encapsulates many IBX to easily connect (including auto start local server otion) and backup/restore your IB database.
7/13/2001 8:07:01 AM 615 16.5K
15906 InterBase Technical Information Bulletin IB6 Install scripts
InstallShieldExpress Delphi Edition and InnoSetup scripts to install IB6 with your applications.
4/26/2001 10:06:21 AM 1000 20.3K
15836 InterBase Components IBFacilitator
IBFacilitator to easily connect to your IB database, backup and restore it, and repair it.
4/12/2001 5:18:38 AM 781 13.5K

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