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Submissions by Pierre Poliakoff


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23183 C++BuilderX Source Code execute program in 256 colors
This program executes another program with the video mode forced to 256 colors (useful for some old games that run only in 256 colors mode)
5/1/2005 1:24:55 PM 77 29.1K
22619 C++BuilderX Source Code Count Down
The program count down a specified number of seconds and sound an alarm when it reaches zero
10/11/2004 12:43:54 PM 171 682.4K
20660 C++Builder Source Code Hex Puzzle
This is an original puzzle in which you have to put the right color at the right place.
9/25/2003 1:38:55 PM 412 251K
19435 C++Builder Source Code TFTP server
Very simple TFTP server (implement an UDP server that support the TFTP protocol) (TFTP=Trivial File Transfer Protocol)
1/5/2003 11:29:08 AM 1435 216.9K
18691 C++Builder Complete Projects photomem game
The classical card game: take two cards if they show the same picture you may play again. Play against other humans or the computer.
8/6/2002 3:10:29 PM 659 272.1K
18342 C++Builder Source Code ip2clip
This program retrieves the IP address of the computer and put it in the clipboard.
7/16/2002 1:18:38 PM 1094 192.5K
16381 C++Builder Source Code music puzzle (dock midi notes)
Small game where you have to restore a musical scale by drag and dropping notes on a keyboard (this program demonstrate how to make very simple calls to MIDI apis)
7/16/2002 3:12:07 AM 930 86.2K
16605 C++Builder Source Code run process with limited time
Game launcher allows the user to only run ONE Application and
only for a limited time
The setting of this time limit is password protected.
1/27/2002 12:18:32 PM 1051 289.6K
17289 C++Builder Complete Projects PONG
The classical 70s video game PONG. 2 paddles and a ball

Windows implementation. Customizable keyboard. Resizable Window. Same sound as original game
1/9/2002 1:11:32 PM 1482 224.6K
15716 C++Builder APIs Example of drop file form the file explorer
C++ builder5 project: example of the use of DraqAcceptFiles, DragQueryFiles windows API to detect when the user drop files from the windows file explorer
3/11/2001 1:58:20 PM 1996 12.1K

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