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ID: 15468, Synchronize ProjectView and Browser selection

by Torsten Welches Email: Anonymous

Keeps the ProjectView and the Browser tabs in sync.
Optionally it is possible to auto-load the selected ProjectView node (no double-click needed).
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For JBuilder, Version 4.0  to 10.0 3483 downloads
Copyright: Open Source or other

Size: 17,349 bytes
Updated on Tue, 24 Feb 2004 06:14:38 GMT
Originally uploaded on Fri, 29 Dec 2000 06:09:25 GMT
SHA1 Hash: D51AC5F7AD4CC3546A058894C23509C9B6CCEC02
MD5 Hash: 970F1BFAD94176D8033787DA5E817BF8

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Fix for a possible ArrayIndexOutOfBoundsException reported by Shawn Castrianni.

Torsten Welches


Update for JB X.

- The JB X ProjectView redesign broke the "Synchronize ContentView Selection" feature. Thanks to Bill Joy for providing a fix.
- John Van Etten proposed changes that speed up package hierarchy scans for him. Thanks, John.
- Removed my "Synchronize ProjectView Selection" ContextAction menu since JB X now provides "Select in ProjectPane".

Torsten Welches


Fixed a problem with JB8's new "project group" feature.
Ken Sipe had reported that the sync from a tab to the project browser did not work when using project groups.

Torsten Welches


Fixed an issue with JB7's new "Single-click tab closure" feature (x-icon on tabs).
My tool prevented to single-click-close a tab if it wasn't the active one. Instead the tab did reappear.

Torsten Welches


Some users have reported issues with my tool running under JBuilder6. Now that I finally switched to JBuilder6 myself I could reproduce and (hopefully) fix them.

- JB6 has a view for package nodes now (JavaDoc). Since JavaDoc updates take some time auto-loading of package nodes is no fun. I've added a "Select only leaf nodes" option for that.
- My tool caused all tabs to temporarily vanish whenever the project tree had no selected node. Fixed now.

Torsten Welches


Yan Zhou [] sent me an improvement which I gladly incorporated. Thanks again, Yan.
Also the last CodeCentral upload contained outdated sources. That's fixed now.

Torsten Welches


Yet another bugfix release - it avoids cascading synchronization effects that caused annoying flickering and other unwanted oddities in certain situations.

Torsten Welches


This is version 0.3 of NodeSelectionSynchronizer and a bugfix release - no new features, sorry. Actually I'm not planning new features anyway .

Older versions had problems after a project refresh had taken place - the synchronization from ProjectView to ContentView stopped working. This should be fixed now.
If you find any other problems please let me know.

Comes with JAR and sources.


Installation: Copy NodeSelectionSynchronizer.jar into your \lib\ext directory

Torsten Welches



This is version 0.2 of ProjectViewNodeSelectionSynchronizer. I have added ContentView synchronization so I chose to rename the class. It was too long anyway .
Optionally it is now possible to auto-load the selected ProjectView node (no double-click needed) - just like JBuilder 3.0 worked.
For other features please check the "project history" below.

Comes with JAR and sources.


Installation: Copy NodeSelectionSynchronizer.jar into your \lib\ext directory

Torsten Welches



It has always bothered me that the ProjectView's tree and the Browser tabs get out of sync all to easy, for instance if you use the Browse Symbol at Cursor feature quite often like I do. This OpenTool adds an item to the Browser tab context menu that synchronizes the ProjectView with the active Browser node.

The following options (as editor options) are available:
- "Auto-sync": If this option is active the ProjectView will automatically be synchronized with the active Browser node. Otherwise you have to use the Browser tab context menu.
- "Collapse all but the selected node": If this option is active the ProjectView's tree will collapse all but the first column before applying the selection synchronization. Normally you will end up with exactly one expanded package node then.
- "Scan full package hierarchy": If this option is active the whole node/package hierarchy will be scanned. For nested packages this means that the first reachable node will be selected, which is quite often deep down in the node hierarchy, especially for large projects.
I don't really like/recommend using this option. ;-)
If this option is inactive - which is the default - only the first and second tree column will be scanned. Normally you will end up with exactly one expanded tree column (plus the project root).

Well, this little OpenTool is not really earth-shaking but it might prove helpful especially with large projects.

Comes with JAR and sources.


Installation: Copy ProjectViewNodeSelectionSynchronizer.jar into your \lib\ext directory

Torsten Welches

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