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ID: 16489, Vivid Report 1.0

by Vadim Komine Email: Anonymous

Vivid Report is a set of visual components that provides creating printable reports of various complexity for C++ Builder.
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For C++Builder, Version 3.0  to 5.0 392 downloads
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Size: 4,980,747 bytes
Updated on Fri, 28 Feb 2003 04:36:37 GMT
Originally uploaded on Tue, 28 Aug 2001 05:14:06 GMT
MD5 Hash: 9203D7A76A4E49A3A7AFF6015B30891A

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Vivid Report is a set of visual components that provides creating printable reports of various complexity for C++ Builder.
Vivid Report realizes the following concept of the report design. The report contains several pages. The report page can contain a child report or universal bands that provide placing of data images on a page. Bands link with data controllers that are data containers and manage the data display in bands.
Realizing this concept in Vivid Report allows to refuse use of the specialized report designers, provide best possible WYSIWYG and multiple data using.
Vivid Report provides the following possibilities:
- Unlimited amount of hierarchy levels of reports.
- Unlimited amount of report pages and printable pages.
- Unlimited amount of master pages.
- Placing of images of the data in several bands on different pages.
- Two modes of printing: stretching or compressing of the report page onto the printer page, the division of the report page onto several printer pages.
- Definition of all sizes and coordinates in various physical measurement units up to 0.01 mm.
- Unique alignment properties of bands on a page.
- Formatting of all text objects (strings and rich texts) independent of the current device resolution.
- True transparency of bands and graphical images.
- Combination of two ways of data getting. All data containers provide the static specifying of the data and the getting of the data from the database.
- The grid component allowing to create tables of a very complex structure.
- The currency component allowing to display values of the currency independent of current regional Windows settings.
- A full-functional preview of the print.
- Customizable print progress.

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