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ID: 16652, FIBPlus

by Serg Vostrikov Email: Anonymous

Devrace FIBPlus is a flexible suite of components for direct access to Interbase. Full support of SQLDialect 3 of Interbase 6.0
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For InterBase, Version 4.0  to 6.5 359 downloads
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Size: 2,903,072 bytes
Updated on Thu, 15 Nov 2001 12:46:41 GMT
Originally uploaded on Mon, 08 Oct 2001 12:45:02 GMT
SHA1 Hash: A1D47DF600B66BE314BC47921A8290129405C67B
MD5 Hash: 54EF5E817CF28717800188BB10E16449

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Devrace FIBPlus is a flexible suite of components for direct access to Interbase. Features:

Interbase 6.0 support (For all Delphi versions).
Full-functional work with array fields.
Local data filtering in TpFIBDataSet.
The capability of work with Origin and Domain for a field that allows to write more flexible data handling.
The capability of watching and breaking off the process of records fetching from a server.
Support of macroses in SQL.
Additional events during work with transactions.
The capability of records locking on a server while editing.
The capability to save connection options in a system registry.
Normal work of the Insert method: the record is shown in the place where it has been inserted but not at the end of the list of all fetched records.
Ideologically more correct work with cached updates.
Automatical replacement of "IS NULL" instead of the "?Param = null" record into a query text if a parameter value equals null. Probably IB will not find the necessary record if such replacement is not made.
Saving values of old parameters after changing the text in SelectSQL.
Correct work of components in the case of a loss of connection to a database.
The capability of an automatical generation of modifying queries (InsertSQL, UpdateSQL, DeleteSQL, RefreshSQL)and flexible control of autogeneration.
The capability of centralized events handling of several TpFIBDataSet by the TDataSetContainer component.
Due to the TpFibErrorHandler component the capability of centralized handling of errors which appear while working with Interbase.
The unique capability of creating complex queues of data updating in live queries by TpFIBUpdateObject components.
The capability of creating and using data vocabulary for automatical filling the TFields properties.
A convenient design editor of SQL text for TpFIBDataSet.
The capability of automatical properties filling. TField.DisplayFormat, TField.EditFormat properties of numeric fields and the TDateTime fields.
The capability of changing modifying queries (InsertSQL, UpdateSQL, DeleteSQL, RefreshSQL) without query reopening.
Support of boolean fields.

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