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ID: 17446, JBoss Setup Wizard v2.1 for JBoss 3x and JBuilder 7

by Brent Thompson Email: Anonymous

This OpenTool sets up the JBoss Application Server to run from within the JBuilder 7 IDE. Supports JBoss 3x versions
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For JBuilder, Version 7.0  to 7.0 1688 downloads
Copyright: All rights reserved

Size: 39,588 bytes
Updated on Mon, 17 Jun 2002 11:21:44 GMT
Originally uploaded on Mon, 21 Jan 2002 23:26:49 GMT
SHA1 Hash: C3FEE75F4C83C8BCB3BD5CEF6E0293D0CF7E8673
MD5 Hash: 7D6CA88C9C2AED3330B3329A474CC453

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Copy the JBossSetup3x_v2.1_JBuilder7.jar file to the /lib/ext directory.

Start JBuilder.

Create a new project.

Select the JBossSetup wizard.
The wizard is located on the Wizards/Jboss/JBossSetup menu or under File/New/JBoss gallery

Select the jboss directory

Type the name you want the library to be called.
Click OK or Clear if you made a mistake.

The wizard will now add the approperiate Main class, VM params and application parameters to
the Project/Properties/Run/Application section as well as create an entry for the Required Libraries
section containing the necessary jar files and directories.
Save All, Close JBuilder and restart

Select Run and you should see the JBoss output in the Message View

For updates, comments or bug reports see Protegra JavaGroup


Select the JBoss dir as follows
JBoss Dir C:\jboss-3.0.0RC1 or
JBoss Dir C:\jboss-3.0.0
... etc

If you select the check box to "Set working directory to jboss/bin" then you will not have to change any of the JBoss conf files.

You will still have the Main tab below the message view window ( should be the first tab)
You can start and stop the JBoss server from here.

For more information, see

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