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ID: 17768, Launch Windows Explorer directly from JBuilder

by Yan Zhou Email: Anonymous

Launches a Windows Explorer to view the current/selected node directly from JBuilder.
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For JBuilder, Version 4.0  to 6.0 71 downloads
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Updated on Sun, 07 Apr 2002 19:59:20 GMT
Originally uploaded on Sun, 07 Apr 2002 19:58:51 GMT
The ExploreThis opentool makes it possible to launch a Windows Explorer to view the current/selected node directly from JBuilder. It has been tested with JBuilder 4 on Windows 2000 by the author.

Please copy the explorethis.jar to your JBuilder lib/ext folder, and re-start JBuilder.

Exit from JBuilder, and remove explorethis.jar from your JBuilder lib/ext folder.

The ExploreThis opentool can be invoked in 4 different ways:

1. Right-click on a tab that represents a file, and choose "Explore..." from the popup menu;

2. Right-click on a file node in the JBuilder project view, and choose "Explore..." from the popup menu;

3. Right-click inside the editor, and choose "Explore..." from the popup menu;

4. Click on the "Explore" icon in the toolbar at the top. The icon is located next to the "Help" icon.

If the selected node or the current content in the editor indicates a file addressable in the local filesystems, this opentool will open (or bring up) a Windows Explorer window to show the file.

By default, the ExploreThis opentool opens the Windows Explorer in the folder view (1-pane). To use the 2-pane Windows Explorer view, please enable the following option under JBuilder Editor options:

+ Explore options
+-- Use Windows Explorer view (2-pane mode)

Please send your feedback, comments, and/or suggestions to the author:
Yan Zhou

Thank you.

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