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ID: 18438, TValueListEditor - Missing Functionality

by Elahn Ientile Email:

The TValueListEditor is missing a vital function, making the ItemProp.MaxLength property useless.
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Updated on Fri, 26 Jul 2002 02:43:29 GMT
Originally uploaded on Fri, 26 Jul 2002 02:33:52 GMT
In the TValueListEditor in Delphi 6, there is a missing function, "GetEditLimit". The absence of this function leaves this component missing necessary functionality.

So what functionality is missing? You cannot set the MaxLength of a 'Value' through its ItemProp, or rather you can set it, but it doesn't work.

For example:
ValueListEditor1.ItemProps[0].MaxLength := 25;

The above piece of code sets the maximum length of the 'Value' section of the first item in ValueListEditor1. This is supposed to behave in the same way as the MaxLength property of the standard Edit box.

What is needed to make it work? The following function "GetEditLimit" needs to be overriden from TCustomGrid:

protected function GetEditLimit: Integer; override;

function TValueListEditor.GetEditLimit: Integer;
ItemProp: TItemProp;
ItemProp := FStrings.FindItemProp(Row-FixedRows);
if Assigned(ItemProp) then
Result := ItemProp.MaxLength else
Result := 0;

Unfortunately, because FStrings is private, you can't inherit TValueListEditor in you own component and simply add this function. The easiest solution would be for Borland to add this function and issue an update.

So how can you do it? Copy the entire ValEdit unit, rename it and rename TValueListEditor. Add the function. Add a 'register' procedure, and put your the new component on the component palette. Not an elegant solution, but a temporary solution.

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