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ID: 18586, ExtLib 2.3

by Serg Vostrikov Email: Anonymous

Devrace ExtLib includes powerful run-time Object Inspector, visual form designer, visual database diagram, tray-icon controller, components for event managment, etc
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For Delphi, Version 7.0  to 7.0 755 downloads
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Size: 249,107 bytes
Updated on Thu, 01 Aug 2002 03:55:22 GMT
Originally uploaded on Thu, 01 Aug 2002 03:47:15 GMT
SHA1 Hash: BC7ABC7F513B216636C552F35E56A91A74C05185
MD5 Hash: EEFB5656CFD5BE5F68D142B95700F543

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Devrace ExtLib is intended for creation of specialized
applied and system applications. Using ExtLib you can
build into your programs:

- a visual form designer (the TELDesigner component
together with TELDesignPanel) similar to the form
designer in Borland Delphi;
- Object Inspector (the TELPropertyInspector component),
similar to that in Borland Delphi;
- and even a visual diagram editor of databases, analogous
to that in Ms Access (the TELDiagram and TELDBDiagram

The form designer enables you to create your own
applications, which are absolutely adjustable for their
users. That is they can easily change the form and
dialogue interface and reports. The form designer works
with groups of components and enables you to change the
component size and position on the form. The form
designer can be used in many various ways: to create
report generators, vector graphics editors, visual
constructors, specialized CASE-tools and even more.

The property editor (TELPropertyInspector) is one of
the components, which are mostly close in functionality
to a standard Object Inspector in Delphi/C++ Builder.
It enables you to change all properties of all standard
types, because it has built-in editors of such
properites. It also easily helps you to create your own
advanced property editors. TELPropertyInspector enables
you to show and edit properties of sets of objects. For
instance if one of your components (Panel1) refers to
another (PopupMenu1) by the PopupMenu property, so
TELPropertyInspector makes it possible to edit
PopupMenu1 properties as subproperties of the
Panel1.PopupMenu property. This implements the
functionality of Object Inspector in Delph 6.

Besides this the library has some additinal components

* TElTrayIcon intended for icon control in the system
tray area (see also the examples TELTrayIcon and
CDPlayer in \Demos subdirectory);
* TELEvent, TELEventSender for message exchange among
components in the mode "one-to-many". This enables
you to establish easier component interaction in
complex projects (see the example TELEvent in \Demos);
* TELInstanceChecker used to forbid system starting of
application recurring copies (see the examples
CDPlayer and TELInstanceChecker in \Demos);
* TELStringList for use instead of TStringList in

And even more additional functions and classes for file
search in a separate thread, quick comparison of strings
with wildcards, quick sorting of arbitrary data type,

At the present ExtLib supports Borland Delphi 5-7.
ExtLib is a native component set and its evaluation
versions are distributed in the form of compiled units.
Registering ExtLib you get full sources of components
and technical support.

For more information, see

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