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ID: 18943, JVISION 2.1 Windows

by Prabode Weebadde Email: Anonymous

What is unique about JVISION?
Use as a graphical browser by double clicking classes in a diagram to edit source code.
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For JBuilder, Version 1.0  to 1.0 132 downloads
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Updated on Mon, 07 Oct 2002 13:36:35 GMT
Originally uploaded on Mon, 07 Oct 2002 12:52:40 GMT
SHA1 Hash: F57F1562468F4613DBB8B0F19635CA3BE3A0A1B1
MD5 Hash: B818A7A16B4C382F2FA0B9A0091AE4A0

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Start with one class selected from your IDE, then grow the diagram using JVISION's built in commands.

Effortlessly generate an entire web site of your diagrams that is integrated with Sun's JavaDoc.

Unlike expensive and complicated round trip (forward and reverse) engineering tools that exist in the marketplace, JVISION is an inexpensive and easy-to-use tool designed especially for Java programmers. Additionally, JVISION uses one notation system, UML, the Unified Modeling Language, which has emerged as an industry standard.

Set filters globally for a diagram or for individual classes to hide extraneous information from view (e.g. hide selected attributes, methods, or whole categories such as public, private or protected).

Visualize the context of a class by adding superclasses, subclasses, or related classes to a diagram. These are typically classes from the JDK whose services are used by newly written classes.

Zoom out to shrink a large diagram and then use the 'viewport' to zoom in on a selected area.

What are the benefits of using JVISION?
Easy forward engineering allows the creation of classes, variables and methods in a JVISION diagram painter, which will then generate code templates. Thus, even a non-programmer can construct an object model that will generate templates for the Java programmer.

Documentation using JVISION diagrams is always up to date and available to anyone with a web browser when using the "Documentor" HTML export to generate an instant web site.

Simplifies the reuse of existing classes through the automatic generation of UML diagrams, blueprints which aid understanding code from a shared repository.

Reduces software development and maintenance costs through re-use and sharing of designs across multiple projects. Promotes the much touted, but sometimes elusive promise of "reuse" as a result of employing object technology.

Improved productivity and quicker time to market because design and code remain synchronized as they are modified.

Improved ability to manage complex Java class libraries and applets.

Speeds development time and reduces risk of project failure through the use of object-oriented and component-based design principles.

Addresses the need for better code documentation. Reduces the requirement for time-consuming commenting.

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