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ID: 19035, Devrace IBSurgeon Viewer 1.0

by Serg Vostrikov Email: Anonymous

Devrace IBSurgeon Viewer is a tool for direct work with InterBase databases, which now can be used for examination of inner structure of Interbase databases.
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For InterBase, Version 4.0  to 7.0 112 downloads
Copyright: All rights reserved

Size: 2,481,931 bytes
Updated on Thu, 24 Oct 2002 10:25:32 GMT
Originally uploaded on Thu, 24 Oct 2002 10:00:58 GMT
SHA1 Hash: 29B95D7750501580428D91C4BF29DACCEBB77882
MD5 Hash: 99AEC2DDA885F63DB6D460C00CBFB347

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This version of IBSurgeon Viever does not use any client or server InterBase software. That is why for work with database you should have direct access to GDB files. It allows examination of almost any corrupted database including those which cannot be open with the help of InterBase.

Attention! Do not use IBSurgeon Viewer for work with working databases! It is intended for testing only and distributed AS IS for use at your own risk.


* Page filtering by their type. Now you can easily see
if your database has undefined pages and easily
navigate to nesessary ones of a certain type.
* New viewer for the header page of the database with
database flag decoding.
* New viewer for the inventory page with the capacity
to create a map of used pages.
* New viewer for the pointer page. It allows viewing
data pages for the table, to which the page refers,
and navigating to any datapage. You simply double
click and immediately find yourself on the necessary
* New viewer for the index root page. It allows viewing
of indexes for tables and showing their select status.
* New viewer for the index B-tree page. It shows the
content of each index element including the level of
a certain node.
* New viewer for the generator page, which shows a list
of database generator names.
* Now in the viewer for the data page there is used
RLE-decompression for getting information from
* Now you can double click and open IBSurgeon in
Explorer due to its assotiation with *.gdb
* Support of InterBase 7 databases.
* Support of work with large databases (more than 4Gb).
* Capability of setting page size manually for
databases with a corrupted header.
* Now viewers are active for all database pages, in
particular for Transaction Inventory Page and BLOB
* New functions for Data Page Viewer: capability to
view data both in RLE packed form and unpacked.
* A unique capability to view RDB$Pages records
(RelationID = 0) as values of corresponding fields.
* New viewer of BLOB pages with capability to view
contents of MEMO fields as text!
* New viewer for Transaction Inventory Page!
* Simpler navigation on B-tree index pages: after you
double click B-tree page number on the Index Root
Page you locate on the necessary index page.

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