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ID: 19041, InterBase in a Multitier World

by Craig Stuntz Email: Anonymous

How to build scaleable multi-tier systems using InterBase, use InterBase features in a multi-tier framework, use IBX with DataSnap, and inherit RDMs.
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For InterBase, Version 5.6  to 7.0 1263 downloads
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Updated on Mon, 28 Oct 2002 11:16:41 GMT
Originally uploaded on Thu, 24 Oct 2002 15:35:43 GMT
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The topic of creating multi-tier clients and application servers could easily -- and does -- fill several books. It is far too large for one presentation. This paper, therefore, is not intended to be a comprehensive guide to the subject, but, rather, is designed to shed more light on some areas which existing references don't cover in great detail. In particular, this paper examines how to integrate InterBase into common patterns for multi-tier development.

Before reading this paper you should be generally familiar with the DataSnap framework in Delphi. No attempt will be made to explain how to use TClientDataset! (Note: If you're not familiar with the DataSnap architecture in Delphi, see the papers listed in the References section of this paper and the various applications in the DemosMidas directory of your Delphi installation.) You should also be very comfortable working with InterBase.

So what will the paper cover?

* Using multiple remote data modules and data module inheritance to partition and reuse code in both the client application and the app server.
* Using InterBase-specific features such as generators.
* Understanding transaction management in DataSnap..
* Understanding state, especially as it pertains to database user security.
* Choosing a threading option which works with the InterBase client.

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