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ID: 19042, IB Objects

by Jason Wharton Email:

IB Objects, a powerful and respected toolbox for developing client/server applications using Delphi and CPPB with over 6 years of production quality refinement.
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For InterBase, Version 4.2  to 7.0 762 downloads
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Updated on Wed, 30 Oct 2002 15:39:51 GMT
Originally uploaded on Thu, 24 Oct 2002 18:26:07 GMT
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Strength Matters

Are Delphi, Kylix or C++Builder "out-of-the-box" too thin and inflexible for your Firebird or InterBase customers' client/server requirements? When power and strength are what you need from your database interface, IB Objects gives it to you in spades.

IBO offers not just one but two suites of components built from the ground up on an architecture that is independent of the BDE and completely dedicated to server-centric application programming for Firebird and InterBase back-ends. Data access from either suite is directly through the API structures: there is nothing to deploy except your application and the database client library.

TDatasource-compatible Data Access

Choosing IBO's TDatasource-compatible data access offers a quick route if you have an existing BDE, DBXpress or DBClx application and you want to be back up-and-running before lunch. Besides a raft of database-specific features like support for multiple-transactions and generators, you get to work with a set of components that
emulates the VCL data-access equivalents 100 percent, right down to working with DevExpress and all of your other favourite third-party data-aware controls and reporting tools
gives you query objects that support live datasets, even those output from joins and sub-selects
eliminates the "acrobatics" you've had to do in the past with with cached datasets to get around the VCL's lack of transaction control capability
provides an easy route out of the TTable usage that swamps networks and kills client/server performance
incorporates in-built support and handling of database errors
allows simple, fast conversion of application code without opening and breaking your project for older InterBase versions
provides the ability to share a BDE connection if necessary

Native IBO: Full Power

If compatibility with your existing investment in TDatasource-compatible controls is less vital than your need for a custom data access interface that fully exploits the capabilities of Firebird and InterBase, the "native IBO" components and controls are for you. Apart from the custom features common to all IBO data access components, native IBO is the way to develop serious client/server applications without needing the Enterprise editions of Delphi, Kylix or C++ Builder. Your other gains include
tight, fully configurable management of all aspects of transaction isolation, concurrency and aging
control "to the nth degree" of the attributes and behaviour of data at column level which can be global to the application or specific to a query
powerful TIB_Query dataset class which completely obviates the need for a table class
classes encapsulating one-way cursors and immediate execution of DSQL statements
more than 40 fully data-driven GUI controls and tools designed to respond to the attributes and behaviors of the native IBO TIB_Column data atom classes and sub-classes
sophisticated, fully encapsulated searching capabilities, including incremental searching and "fuzzy" text search
highly optimized row-fetching, buffer-refreshing and buffer synchronization, fully configurable in the IDE or at run-time
GUI support for database array types
synchronization of datasets across transaction and application boundaries
explicit session control for building safe shared libraries and multi-threading applications
ability to share application space and dataset conditions with the TDatasource-compatible data access components
connection-pooling capability
..and so much more!

If you are doing serious development with Firebird or InterBase, you cannot afford to do it without IB Objects.

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