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ID: 19053, FULCRUM 1.2

by Abhijeet Pendharkar Email: Anonymous

FULCRUM is a tool that uses a template-based process to assemble 60-70% of source code in your Java classes built using JBuilder.
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For JBuilder, Version 7.0  to 8.0 59 downloads
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Updated on Thu, 12 Dec 2002 22:11:13 GMT
Originally uploaded on Fri, 25 Oct 2002 05:46:07 GMT
SHA1 Hash: 871F2EEB0BD272002EDB4F1CFCA2D94078FB0B39
MD5 Hash: 3082F15B9DDF4E290DD1FF1DF16C1636

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AccelTree’s FULCRUM is especially designed for Borland’s JBuilder users. Now JBuilder users will be able to add code content to their Java programs using FULCRUM’s advanced template-based features and thereby save substantial manual coding efforts. With the JBuilder-FULCRUM Bridge, FULCRUM can be used without interfering with the Java development process followed in JBuilder.

The bridge allows JBuilder users to import the Java classes created in JBuilder, into FULCRUM. Once the classes are in FULCRUM, programmers can rapidly add code to the classes using the various template-based code assembly features in FULCRUM. One can modify the imported classes based on class templates, modify the imported class methods based on method templates and code blocks, generate program specification documents for the imported classes and convert the imported classes into class templates for reuse

In addition to Java classes, the bridge also allows programmers to import JSP, HTML, XML and XSL files that are created using JBuilder.

After completing code assembly in FULCRUM, the programmer exports the Java classes, JSP files, Presentation Beans, HTML files, XML files and XSL files back to JBuilder. The programmer can then compile, debug, deploy and run the assembled code in JBuilder. One can switch back and forth between JBuilder and FULCRUM.

The JBuilder-FULCRUM Bridge is currently available for Windows based workstations.

FULCRUM is a Java code assembler that uses a unique template-based mechanism to help programmers rapidly build reliable Java code. FULCRUM was released this summer and is priced at $495 per license for the English version. FULCRUM is also available in the Japanese language. The JBuilder-FULCRUM Bridge is provided free with FULCRUM.

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