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ID: 19289, Jtagmanager for JBuilder

by Mike Day Email:

Jtagmanager™ is a powerful JSP tag management/library repository plug-in for JBuilder. Jtagmanager™ is the first tool on the market that manages JSP development.
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For JBuilder, Version 6.0  to 7.0 106 downloads
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Updated on Fri, 22 Nov 2002 14:01:09 GMT
Originally uploaded on Thu, 21 Nov 2002 08:06:42 GMT
SHA1 Hash: 92BC982B8B36F287014B6161B534735D732CD998
MD5 Hash: CFE2C5351280F5E20385A73AA540DD0E

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Jtagmanager™ is a powerful JSP tag management/tag library repository plug-in for JBuilder. Virtuas’ Jtagmanager™ is the first and only tool on the market that completely manages JSP custom tag libraries. Jtagmanager provides an easy and powerful mechanism for administrating all aspects of JSP tag library use and deployment. Features of Jtagmanager include a JSP custom tag library repository, custom JSP tag dialogs, a JSP tag library import wizard, JSP tag library creation wizards, Jakarta Standard Tag Library (JSTL) embedded in the application, and project templates. Jtagmanager packages all of these features into two distinct modules, the Tag Library Management (TLM) module and the Tag Palette (TP) module.

Tag Library Management (TLM) Module
The Jtagmanager TLM module provides all of the JSP tag library management features of the tool. Some of the key features of the module include:
• Integrates seamlessly with Borland® JBuilder™, the leading Java IDE
• Supports both the 1.1 and 1.2 specifications of JSP
• Supports both Tomcat 3.2x and 4.0x
• Imports and modifies existing web applications through the use of a sophisticated synchronization mechanism
• Promotes the use of properly formatted Tag Library Directives (TLD) and Web Application Deployment Descriptors (web.xml) by validating them against their appropriate Document Type Definitions (DTD)
• One-step adding and removing of tag libraries from a web application
• Automatic discovery of internal Tag Library Descriptors (TLDs)
• A Global Repository, which provides inter-project tag library support
• Web Application Context switching based upon current JBuilder project
• Automatically updates the web project as tag libraries are added to the Web Application, including the management of JBuilder project libraries
• Reduces user errors by ensuring that all internal and external Tag Library Descriptors (TLDs) are correctly deployed to the selected web application
• Assures uniqueness of both tag library URIs and prefixes

Tag Palette (TP) Module
Once you have JSP tag libraries deployed to your web application, you can then utilize the Tag Palette (TP) module of Jtagmanager. The TP module is the interface that is to be used when inserting tag text and Taglib directives into a JSP. Some of the key features provided in the TP Module include the following:
• Integrates seamlessly with the Borland JBuilder development environment
• Provides a graphical representation of the set of Tag Libraries deployed to the current web application.
• Ensures the valid use of tag by ensuring the correct use of tag attributes
• Provides easy access to tag bodies
• Guarantees that the proper Taglib directive is inserted into the JSP hosting the inserted tag

Unix, Linux and Solaris installations can be found at the URL above.

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