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ID: 19529, Universal JSP turns JSP into a Macro Language

by Vlad Patryshev Email: Anonymous

JSP can become a macro language if Tomcat is running somewhere around and executing a universal JSP that deploys and executes all other JSPs.
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Size: 8,018,951 bytes
Updated on Mon, 17 Feb 2003 22:43:48 GMT
Originally uploaded on Wed, 05 Feb 2003 18:41:09 GMT
SHA1 Hash: 66DA311071FCE0109CDBDE9CD5BBD2E958A4E4CA

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If you know JSP, you know how convenient they are to generate text data, HTML, XML, or just any text: you have all the power of Java at your hands, just surround your piece code in <% %>, and that will be it.
Unfortunately, there have not been any tool around that would do just that: get a jsp code as an input and output the generated text to stdout. This program, jsp, does that.

Example: jsp -. "Hello <%= request.getParameter("who")%> on <%= new java.util.Date() %>!" -who World -- in this case jsp code is included as an argument, and it gets a parameter named "who".

Another example: jsp --param . --file sampletable.jsp --param data --file sampledata.txt - here the jsp is passed in a file, and a parameter, data, is also retrieved from a file.

The program should be normally used as a pipe, so that its output is redirected somewhere.


The program executes a JSP that is either passed via standard input or as an argument. Parameters for the jsp are passed through arguments. There are three forms to pass a parameter:

- , e.g. -classpath c:\java\lib\myjar.jar
--param --value , e.g. --param classpath --value c:\java\lib\myjar.jar
--param --file - in this case the value of the parameter is retrieved from a file.

A special parameter named '.' can be used to pass the jsp itself, as in examples above.

How does it work? The program retrieves a zip file with Tomcat from its internals, unzips it into a working directory, launches Tomcat with a special "Universal JSP". The Universal JSP then does the trick: it interprets any jsp that is passed to it in POST request - of course it executes requests from localhost only.

The archive contains executables for Windows and Linux; you can build a jar all other platforms from the provided source code and the JBuilder project file.

For more information, see

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