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ID: 20180, Ent Wizard for JBoss 3x and JBuilder8 v3.1

by Brent Thompson Email: Anonymous

Integrates the JBoss Application Server with the JBuilder Enterprise set of designers, tools, and wizards
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For JBuilder, Version 8.0  to 8.0 427 downloads
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Size: 72,583 bytes
Updated on Fri, 13 Jun 2003 08:13:44 GMT
Originally uploaded on Fri, 13 Jun 2003 08:11:53 GMT
SHA1 Hash: AB891FC55BAA2E95E478B2ADC197ADC0FA08D517
MD5 Hash: FC6A5BBD88D93ACA6E7F0227665517A4

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Installation Instructions
Copy the EntWizard_JBoss3x_JB8_v3.1.jar file to the Jbuilder8 lib/ext directory.
Copy JBossDTD.jar to the JBuilder8 lib/ext directory. This opentool will allow you to select your dtd's based on the version of
JBoss you are running. After it is installed, Go to the Tools menu and select JBossDTD. Choose your DTD version, select OK and
this will save your configuration. Then you can setup the server as explained below.

 I included the DTD version 4 in the setup, however I am still working on EntWizard for JBoss 4x so I can't say if everything is working. Check back in the coming days for an update.

Start JBuilder.
Under Tools/Configure Servers, select JBoss Ent 3x and select the Enable Server checkbox.
Select the Home Directory of the JBoss Ent 3x distribution. For example C:\jboss-3.2.0_tomcat-4.1.24
Next select the Custom tab and after accepting the license agreement select the JBoss installation directory (this will be the same as your Home Directory)
Select the deployment directory, this should be for example:
While still on the Custom tab click OK.
Restart JBuilder.
If on restarting JBuilder, JBoss is not selected as your appserver, go to Project Properties and select the Server tab. Choose JBoss Ent 3x and click ok.
You need jasper-compiler.jar and jasper-runtime.jar to use the web component of this tool.
Copy jasper-compiler.jar and jasper-runtime.jar into the JBoss lib directory C:\jboss-3.2.0_tomcat-4.1.24\lib

1) local-jndi-name tag is now created in the jboss.xml file. To input a value for the local-jndi-name, select the ejb node, and under the General Tab input the value for "Local Home JNDI Name".
2) Message Driven Beans values are input under the message-driven-beans tab when the MDB node is selected. To input the value for destination-jndi-name, go to the JBoss 3x Properties tab.

For more information, see

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