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ID: 20381, Kylix for Mac OS

by John Wallace Email: Anonymous

Kylix and C++ crosscompiler support for Mac OS
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Updated on Thu, 31 Jul 2003 07:40:11 GMT
Originally uploaded on Thu, 31 Jul 2003 07:37:51 GMT
I've got a project where I need Mac OS and Windows support. (It's nice that you offer Linux GUI support. It will be a good competitive tool vs. M$, but we don't see many customers who use Linux as a desktop solution yet, while we have MANY customers who use Mac OS as a desktop solution right now.)

Currently I'm looking at sending my dollars to trolltech for their Qt product since they already support Mac OS. However, I MUCH prefer the CLX. (Yes, I understand that CLX is built on top of Qt, which makes all the more sense that your solution should work well on Mac OS.)

Since you folks already have the GUI covered with CLX over Qt, and since Mac OS is Unix-based and most of the Linux stuff runs on Mac OS with just a re-build, the piece you folks would need to do is the compiler/linker/debugger. Not a small job, but in many ways you are most of the way there. We also don't need the Mac version to be as full-featured as the Windows release. We don't even need to do the compiles on the Mac in the first version. It's fine to crosscompile on Windows and run on Mac OS. We do need at least some level of debugger support, tho. I don't know if you already layer your Linux debugging on top of gdb, but if you do then that work is mostly done.

So as I see it, the issue for you folks is developing the business case to write the backend and debugger for Mac OS, and doing all of the QA to make sure Kylix works. I know there is a large group of Mac-centric developers who want and need such a solution. Witness Adobe's recent use of Qt to build the Adobe Photoshop Album so it works on Mac OS and Windows. Apple reports that there are over 5000 apps released over the past year for Mac OS X. Many of those Mac OS developers would like to have access to a larger customer base. Apple clearly isn't going to be writing a version of Cocoa that works on Windows (they had that once, but it devalues Apple's hardware solution, and Apple makes its money selling hardware) so there is a large pool of developers without many other options RIGHT NOW. And this will also give your companies using CLX to develop desktop solutions access to a much larger customer base (there are far more people using Mac OS as a desktop solution today than Linux, which gives them access to those real Mac OS customer dollars now).

As for me, I've got to make a choice, and I need to make it soon. If you are going to support Mac OS, please contact me (my contact info is in the private notes section). If you aren't going to support Mac OS, then my development dollars go elsewhere. I've studied your CLX and I'd much rather pay them to you!

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