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ID: 21613, Composition Wizard v1.1

by Keith Wood Email: Anonymous

Easily implement composition in your classes - the inclusion and controlled exposure of one class/object from within another.
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For JBuilder, Version 8.0  to 10.0 135 downloads
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Size: 40,895 bytes
Updated on Tue, 27 Apr 2004 04:56:12 GMT
Originally uploaded on Thu, 08 Apr 2004 21:47:38 GMT
SHA1 Hash: 3FD717C5A1A5CBA54BE1073ACEC713AF6A28C3DC
MD5 Hash: 8E2F97450691D8FB4347AC1E65A4857F

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This wizard updates a Java source file to implement composition - the inclusion of one object within another.

You invoke it from the Wizards menu. It is not available if the current node is not a Java source file.

Select the class from the current source file that is to contain the new object. Select the member class from the drop-down list, or use the browse button to locate a new class. Select the exposed class or interface from the list. This is how the member object is used within the class. For example, your member object may be an ArrayList but is treated as just a List. Enter the name of the variable to use for the new object. It defaults to the name of the exposed class (with an initial lower case letter and a leading underscore). Select which methods from the member class are to be exposed from the containing class. These become pass-through calls to the underlying object. Check generate Javadoc to include Javadoc comments for the exposed methods. Where possible, these are copied from the source for the member class. If they cannot be found there, a default comment is created.

To install this tool, just copy the wizard and documentation JAR files to your JBuilder/lib/ext directory, and restart JBuilder.

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