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ID: 22580, Castalia 3 for Delphi 2005

by Jacob Thurman Email: Anonymous

Enhancements for Delphi that help developers write code faster and more accurately, understand code more easily, and improve the quality of existing code.
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For Delphi, Version 9.0  to 9.0 72 downloads
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Updated on Thu, 21 Oct 2004 17:40:08 GMT
Originally uploaded on Fri, 08 Oct 2004 13:29:59 GMT
SHA1 Hash: 4286046C65B6985EF6883F5D948434A0723E441C
MD5 Hash: A7E0DA5685B15103DC5DBFD7F759787F

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NOTE: This is a pre-release version of Castalia 3 for Delphi 2005. Additional features may be available that are not available in the software included on this CD. For the latest trial version, please visit

* Overview *

Castalia is a suite of enhancements for the Borland Delphi development environment. Castalia is designed to help developers write code faster and more accurately, understand code more easily, and improve the design of existing code.

* Code Comprehension *

Studies have shown that most developers spend more time reading existing code than writing new code. While there are no accurate statistics, most researchers agree that more than half the time spent on software is spent reading code. Some studies have estimated that a developer may spend as much time as 20 minutes reading code for every 1 minute spent writing. Castalia makes code easier to comprehend; thereby reducing the amount of time and energy spent reading code.

Perhaps Castalia's most popular feature, Structual Highlighting is a unique and powerful tool for visually understanding code the way the compiler does. Complex programming structures and deeply nested blocks of code become easy to read and comprehend with Structural Highlighting.

* Syntax Checking *

Syntax errors are an annoying side effect of the strict grammar that makes Delphi so powerful. Castalia helps developers fix syntax errors before they become a problem by immediately and accurately identifying them.

* Code Navigation Tools*

The powerful 2-way Navigation Toolbar integrates into the Delphi editor window and provides a number of navigation tools including a used units menu, unit sections menu, class and procedure dropdown lists, and buttons to interface with the bookmark stack.

Castalia's bookmark stack allows you to place a bookmark at a specific location in code and return to it later. You can use the bookmark stack as a traditional stack, returning to the last-placed-bookmark, or as a list of bookmarks, jumping to any bookmark and moving forwards and backwards through them.

* Refactoring Tools *

Refactoring is 'improving the design of code after it has been written' (Fowler, Martin. Refactoring pp. xvi). Developers spend a lot of time maintaining code that has already been written, and often has already been tested. Castalia offers automated refactorings - based on published and accepted methodologies - for several commonly used changes to code, including many that are not available in Delphi 2005.

* Code Templates *

Castalia's code templates increase a developer's speed and accuracy by allowing her to produce common and complex programming structures with just a few keystrokes.

Errors are often introduced into code by malformed control structures. By consistently utilizing code structures that are known to be correct, the chances of introducing these errors is greatly reduced.

Many "known good" control structures are lengthy and may be obscure enough that a developer will have to refer to documentation to produce them. Code templates reduce even the lengthiest structures to just a few keystrokes which are easily remembered, and in some cases (such as a "case" statement) don't even require the developer to remember a template name; Castalia simply anticipates what the developer intends to do and completes the code.

Castalia's code templates do not replace Delphi's built-in templates, but are a separate mechanism.

* New IDE Windows *

Castalia adds several new windows to the Delphi IDE. These new windows provide information about your project, help maximize productivity in the IDE, and configure Castalia to your own tastes.

The Project Statistics window shows you time spent working on various aspects of a project. It measures the amount of time spent actively working in the IDE with specific areas focused, as well as time spent compiling or debugging.

Editing - Time spent working in Delphi's editor
Designing - Time when the form designer was active
Inspecting - Time during which the object inspector was active
Compiling - Time spent waiting during compilation
Other - Time during which Delphi was active, but the activity did not fall into one of the above categories.
Total - Total time spent on this project with Delphi.
Debugger Time - Time during which the debugger was actively running the current project.

* Form Designer Enhancements *

One of Delphi's strong points is its powerful, versatile form designer. Castalia adds to the power and utility of this tool with new features, available from the form designer context menu.

The Component Menu provides a list of all components on a form. Selecting a component from this menu selects the component in the form designer and object inspector.

Castalia allows you to hide non-visual components on your forms, allowing you to see a form as the end-user would see it. Simply choose "Hide Non-Visual components" from the context menu, and the non-visual components vanish from sight. Choose "Show Non-Visual components" to see them again. While the components are not visible, they are still avaiable and can be selected for editing with the object inspector or Component Menu.

For more information, see

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