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ID: 22692, Popup Message Notifier Component

by Jeremy North Email: Anonymous

Message notifier component as seen in Outlook 2003 and Norton's products.
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Size: 32,118 bytes
Updated on Fri, 19 Nov 2004 10:37:29 GMT
Originally uploaded on Mon, 25 Oct 2004 06:40:03 GMT
SHA1 Hash: 8FF8B0E8808AD80D6BFA8E7238B2A77EA5CEA985
MD5 Hash: 02D5BB781519BB6668B70684F5F34652

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Message Notifier Component

Jeremy North 2004


This is an implementation of the notification windows that are seen in Outlook 2003 and Nortons products.

This component supports a custom ICON to be displayed as well as a Header, Message Body and Footer area's.
Each area has a different event triggered when selected.

Available Properties

AllowMulipleMsgs - Something for you to implement functionality for!
ShowEffect - Type of effect used to display the window.
- Possible Values: seFade, seLeftRight, seBottomTop, seRightLeft, seTopBottom
ShowPosition - Position on the screen for the window to display
- Possible values: spTopLeft, spBottomLeft, spBottomRight, spTopRight
NOTE: Not all Effects are valid with all Positions. Only the effect is validated.

InactiveColor - Window color when the mouse isn't inside its bounds
ActiveColor - Changes the window to this color when the mouse is in its bounds
DisplayedMsgLines- Number of lines for the Message to be displayed
DrawFooterSeperator - Draw the separation line between the message and the footer if the footer is being displayed
Fonts - This subtype holds the fonts used to draw the Header, Footer and Message Body. Each can be different.
WaitInterval - The amount of time in milliseconds that the window displays for once the effect has finished
- Default value is 2 seconds
FadeInterval - The speed at which the window fades in and out when the seFade effect is selected.
When another effect is selected, this is the speed that the position of the window will change.
BorderOptions - Options for setting the window border. Color and line thickness.
IconOptions - Options for the displaying of an icon. What icon to display and whether it is visible.

Available Events

OnNotifierClose - triggered when the window is closed
OnNotifierClick - triggered when the window has been clicked on.
Check the TClickLocation parameter to determine where on the window the click occurred.
OnMeasureHeight - allows you to make adjustments to the final height of the window.
OnNotifierPaint - allows for custom painting on the window.
Check the TPaintStage parameter to see which section of the window the event was triggered for.

Availabe Methods

Method Parameters
Show aTitle - Title to display
aMsgText - Text of the message to display
aFooter - Footer Text (optional)


* Extract zip contents to a folder preserving folder names
* Open MsgNotifierGroup in the base folder
* Build all projects in the group
* Install the Win32 package for designtime support (MsgNotifier90.bpl)
* Install the dotNet package for designtime support in VCL.NET applications (MsgNotifierNET90.dll)

The sample applications show uses for all possible properties, with an example for Win32 and dotNet included.
The sample application is actually a shared source example with both projects using the same main form.

NOTE: In the sample applications, a couple of compiler messages have been turned off.

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