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ID: 22765, combit List & Label 10

by Bjoern Eggstein Email: Anonymous

Award winning professional report generator + classic print and extensive export functions + Web Reporting + High performance Designer for end users
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Updated on Wed, 17 Nov 2004 07:03:06 GMT
Originally uploaded on Wed, 17 Nov 2004 07:05:23 GMT
List & Label is a database independent development tool for extensive report, label and form printing functions as well as Webreporting. Applications are therefore quickly equipped with powerful functions for reports, forms, lists, labels and statistics. With the Professional Edition of List & Label the Designer can be passed on to the end user with no additional royalty fees, in addition a Webserver license as well as additional modules (such as Unicode) are already included.

As a Borland Technology Partner, it goes without saying that combit offers support for Borland's C++Builder, C#Builder, Delphi and Delphi .NET. Due to the adaptation to Delphi.NET, List & Label can be integrated into projects with the first Microsoft independent development environment for .NET applications. Therefore the flexible reporting tool can also be used by developers who do not wish to completely bind themselves to Microsoft products and strategies.
List & Label consists of the print engine and the Designer. The tool is independent from a certain database because the data exchange is accomplished by the application - this provides flexibility and speed.Smooth datatransfer and modern reporting within the demanded layout are provided by various export formats, as PDF, HTML, RTF, XLS, BMP, EMF, JPEG and MHTML.

The programming tool can process nearly all character sets (including Far Eastern). The Designer will be available in various languages, the previous version is available in seventeen. The DTP-Designer offers comprehensive designing tools and a multitude of filters and layout options that can be configured by drag & drop. Objects can be automatically aligned, after they have been caught, on the new guides. Special text and list objects leave no wishes open. The creation of graphic analyses, diagrams and statistics is realized with the extensive charting feature.

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