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ID: 22836, Intel NetMerge Call Processing Software C API Conversion

by Stefan Wloch Email: Anonymous

Call processing API provides the interface to develop and run telephony applications.
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Updated on Tue, 30 Nov 2004 03:11:55 GMT
Originally uploaded on Tue, 30 Nov 2004 02:55:21 GMT
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Intel NetMerge v6.0 Call Processing C API Conversion

This C API conversion to Pascal is with reference to the Intel NetMerge API C Programming Guide which can be downloaded from

The Intel NetMerge Call Processing API is a client/server-based Computer Telephony Integration (CTI) package that enables you to develop and run CTI applications using the call processing Application Programming Interface (API) and manage/monitor/control a CTI network using the call processing server.

There are three main components in a Call Processing CTI network:-

Call Processing clients - These are systems that have the call processing API installed, and are running a CTI application developed using the API. (See demo client application)

Call Processing server - The server passes messages between the call processing applications on the clients and the switching environment. (Installed from the Intel NetMerge v6.0 setup CD - requires license key and dongle for production server or demo version can be download from Intel website - Windows Service requires restarting every two hours for demo version)

Telephony switching environment - The call processing server supports a wide range of popular switches, and can also be integrated into an H.323 (IP telephony) environment.

The Call Processing Software implements the industry standard Computer Supported Telecommunications Application (CSTA) Phase I, Phase II and Phase III protocols. CSTA protocols are defined by ECMA, a standard body for information and communication systems. The implementation of CSTA allows any manufacturer to provide a link to Call Processing Software from a CSTA-compatible switch.

Example CSTA switches supported by Call Processing Software are:

Ericsson MD110 (CSTA Phase I)
Alcatel 4400 (CSTA Phase I and Phase II)
Siemens Hicom 300E (CSTA Phase I, Phase II and Phase III)

Switches supported by Call Processing Software using proprietary link protocols are:

Avaya DEFINITY range of communications systems
Nortel Meridian 1 switches

Further information can be download from the Intel website

Req1=Intel NetMerge Server Software installation on Server (Demo can be downloaded from

Req2=Intel NetMerge Client API Software on client machine (Download from

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