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ID: 23008, EControl Syntax Editor

by Michael Zaharov Email:

Plain text editor like in Delphi 8 with customizable syntax analyzer, so it can be adjusted for any plain text format.
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Updated on Fri, 04 Feb 2005 02:26:24 GMT
Originally uploaded on Fri, 04 Feb 2005 02:33:26 GMT
- Delphi 2005 like editor.
- Fully customizable lexer, so editor is suitable for any plane text format. Lexer is a resource that can be created at design time, manipulated at runtime with streaming support.
- Combining several lexers in one using "Sub Lexer" rules.
- Comfortable lexer editor.
- Text collapsing, any determined block can be collapsed.
- Highlighting styles can use any font.
- Line highlighting associated with text ranges, current position, gutter objects or custom.
- Active highlighting depended on caret position. Highlights valid blocks (for example, current procedure, brackets, "begin" ... "end" blocks ...).
- Powerful style merging (token style, text range style, dynamic style, …)
- Block highlighting. Any determined text range can have style that will be merged with token styles.
- Line separators - horizontal line like in Visual Basic IDE.
- Gutter with multiple bands, line numeration, gutter objects (markers) that are customizable at design time. Line highlighting, image, hint, position may be associated with the gutter object (for example, like breakpoint or current execution point).
- Normal, column-oriented and line selection, clipboard operations.
- Hint subsystem. Now hints available for text tokens, expanding button, gutter objects, vertical scroll.
- Code templates.
- Text auto completion with style like in Borland's IDE.
- Unlimited text length.
- Compatibility with the standard actions TEditCopy ... TSyntaxMemo derived from TCustomEdit.
- Output to printer with line, page numbers and syntax highlighting.
- Copy selection to clipboard in RTF.
- Export to RTF, HTML file with syntax highlighting.
- Right margin, persistent blocks, keep caret in text and numerous other options.
- TSyntaxTreeView provides easy navigation and text structure view!
- TSyntTextSource component allows sharing single text between several Syntax Editors.
- TSyntKeyMapping component provide ability to assign key shortcuts to editor commands.
- EControl Regular Expression library (with .Net support) is included.
- .Net support.

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