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ID: 23607, Bookmark Viewer

by Jeremy North Email: Anonymous

Delphi Add-In to view persistent bookmarks. Allows for the clearing, adding and navigating of bookmarks.
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Size: 86,588 bytes
Updated on Mon, 05 May 2008 18:23:59 GMT
Originally uploaded on Wed, 07 Sep 2005 00:38:08 GMT
SHA1 Hash: 3D8E1048F48CD8785D1C5AB17B2523D6FD03BFBD

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Bookmark Viewer

Jeremy North 2004-2008

This is an IDE add-in that displays a list of the current units bookmarks.

Version Changes
0.9 Double Buffer main form
Include D2007 dproj file
Paint images better in viewer

0.8 Remove toolbar buttons if uninstalled
Support C++ Personality
Minor gui fixes

0.7 Fix focus issues introduce because of listbox changes from previous build
Add new dialog to allow the user to specify what file extensions the bookmark viewer
will monitor. Will not monitor dfm though because of notification issues caused
by the OTAPI.
0.6 When there are no bookmarks in the list. Hide the listbox. The IDE docking was
causing the 'No bookmarks...' prompt (which was on a panel) to not reset anchor
correctly. Now a fake box and the text is drawn on the forms canvas.
Call repaint in the OnResize event for the form to make sure the form is painted
when it is docked and then resized while docked.
Stop IDE from raising an 'Invalid datetime to encode' exception when viewing a form
as text.

0.5 Check for specific IOTAEditorServices interface version (IOTAEditorServices70)
Remove unselecting of current bookmark when timer is activated
Set focus to the actual bookmark list when clicking on the menu item and toolbar
button (if placed on a toolbar)
Support saving View Bookmark button on a customized toolbar
Include precompiled version in download

0.4 Change TPopupMenu to TPopupActionBar for a more consistent look with other IDE windows

0.3 Minor code changes

0.2 [Bug Fixes]
Had to press clear twice to really clear all bookmarks
Made sure the Header Line is at least 16 pixels high (bitmap height)
Remove all Hints and Warnings
Stay On Top and Dockable context menu items work correctly
Make Toggle Selected work correctly and rename to Clear Selected (more appropriate)

[New Features]
Option to color actual bookmarked line when code context is more then 0
Option to customize color indicators of bookmark lines when context shown
Option to display a horizontal scrollbar if the user wants to

0.1 Initial Release

Known Issues

* Autosize functionality only works when the window is not docked.
* When the current project is either a CSharp or C++ project, no attempt to retrieve the Method Name that the bookmark resides in. If someone has some code that can retrieve this information and want to give it to me, I'm all ears. Note your function should take a TStrings param (the code) and an Index param (the line the bookmark is on). Check out the GetSourceMethod function.
* The GetSourceMethod implemented for Delphi projects has some shortcomings - will not cater for embedded methods for instance.
* If the current project is a Delphi project, and a CSharp file is loaded, the Bookmark Viewer doesn't attempt to determine if the file is in fact a delphi file before processing.


* Delphi 2006
Open the bookview.bdsproj file
Delphi 2007
Open the bookview.dproj file
* Build package
* Select Components | Install Components and then add BookView.bpl
* New Menu Item appears under the View Menu. The menu caption is Bookmarks.
The default shortcut is Alt+Shift+B - it didn't appear to do anything else on my system.
* To confirm installation an entry into the About Box is made.


Daniel Wischnewski created the bookmark images as seen in the list.
James Jacobson shared the code to make sure the editor was active when a bookmark was selected.

Design Time Info

To view the main dockable form at runtime, download and add Allen Bauer's dummy project to a project group.

Code download:

Article about included files available from BDN:,1410,21114,00.html

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