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ID: 23992, Load HTML text into TWebBrowser control

by Peter Laman Email: Anonymous

Best way to load HTML text into the WebBrowser control, avoiding problems involved with other techniques.
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Updated on Wed, 24 May 2006 02:59:45 GMT
Originally uploaded on Wed, 24 May 2006 02:59:04 GMT
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How to load HTML text directly into the WebBrowser control without first having to save it somewhere?

According to MSDN documentation, one should navigate to "about:blank", to ensure the Document property of the browser is not nil and then obtain a reference to the IPersistStream interface for the Document property. Then the Init method should be called to initialize the document and the Load method should be called to stream in the HTML text. However, this procedure fails on some large, complex HTML text, such as HTML formatted text as created by Excel for data with a more than trivial complexity, or a similar Word document. In those cases, the WebBrowser shows the HTML source text in stead. It seems that the browser doesn't properly recognize the text as HTML and treats it as plain text.

An alternative is to navigate to "about:blank" and then use the IHTMLDocument2.Write method to copy the HTML text. To do this property, one should wait until the document has loaded, so the IHTMLDocument2.Write method is best called from the DocumentComplete event of the browser. It turns out that this procedure does not have the problem as mentioned above. Nicely, it's also easier to program!!

See the self-documenting uStuffHTML.pas for a working example. Call the StuffHTML procedure to write HTML directly into the browser.

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