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ID: 24114, Intel's CPUID version 2

by Al Gun Email: Anonymous

This is the second version of CPUID test program. Complete revision and been tested variety of different machines. Updated 14/09/2006
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Size: 677,767 bytes
Updated on Thu, 14 Sep 2006 02:41:22 GMT
Originally uploaded on Mon, 11 Sep 2006 07:34:57 GMT
SHA1 Hash: 162F1EE63EE1129813120FC08468AB468EEC5C39
MD5 Hash: 1C62DA34182D6A15FA1167D387EF7894

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Update: 14/09/2006:
->CPU features updated according to Intel's CPUID Manual January 2006 (application note 485) version.
-> HTT checking and testing improved
-> Few small bugs fixed
-> Help file revised and screen shots added/modifed

Update: 12/09/2006: Help and resource files included. Dead code removed and optimized.

I know there is no such thing as perfect software, but my first release of CPUID test program and source code has been a disaster. I found that very offensive to myself and revise complete source code and translated to Delphi again.
This release, I couldn't include help files, I am still working on DLL version of this project. I will release 3rd version with DLL and help files hopefully soon.
This version not much different than the first release, but much more stable and testing is more thorough. Hyper-Technology processors definition and testing much better. Running an application with CPU Affinity masks improved.
Two units are the main initialisation files, WinCPUID.pas WinCPUIDUtils.pas. Type and opcode definitions are in WinCPUIDUtils.pas and main initialisation functions and procedures in WinCPUID.pas.
I included executable to run it first to see what his version made of. If yo want to recompile project from scratch, unzip all files your selected folder and enable "Use folder names" option before unzip.
As usual, send me your comments, good or bad, I wouldn't mind at all

Happy coding
Al, Australia

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