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ID: 24164, RapidSpell Web Java

by Dan Wright Email: Anonymous

dd spell checker functionality and value into Web applications with a couple of lines of JSP code.
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For JBuilder, Version 2.3  to 2.3 13 downloads
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Size: 7,766,419 bytes
Updated on Thu, 19 Oct 2006 12:53:22 GMT
Originally uploaded on Thu, 19 Oct 2006 12:53:22 GMT
SHA1 Hash: AA0A22A785793F2D46A937730218B3843EC5D127
MD5 Hash: 2C7AD7136FADB52A3C5297CAE72A020C

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RapidSpell Web provides JSP developers and designers with a cross browser (and multi client platform) web Tag that requires no client installation, no special security settings and as much programmatic flexibility as you want. Written for JSP1.1 up, RapidSpell Web uses combined and separate customizable 140,000 word U.S. & U.K. dictionaries (and user dictionary), fast (no post back) interface and a powerful suggestion engine. Australian and Canadian dictionaries are available freely on request.


RapidSpell Web provides a spelling component to add spell check functionality to your web applications, by simply adding the JSP Tag to a jsp page - Servlets are also supported with included JavaBeans. There are no programming skills required to use RapidSpell Web, making it accessible to JSP page designers aswell as Java programmers. The UI provides all the usual features, add, change, change all, ignore, ignore all, and smart suggestions. It interactively checks any HTML text box component such as <textarea> and <input type='text'> and 3rd Party text components such as pinEdit from Pintexx. The spell checker UI features an advanced preview pane to interactively highlight errors (with no post back). The spell checker accepts manual corrections, and also supports user dictionaries (either one dictionary for all users or separate user dictionaries). The main dictionary may be customized or created from scratch with our free Dict Manager tool. The included core spell checker component API provides functionality suitable for server applications as well as any console application. It has been clocked at 50,000 words/sec on a standard 1GHz PC.


RapidSpell Web works in both Internet Explorer and Netscape, because it uses only HTML and Javascript on the web browser, this also means there are no special requirements, no long downloads, like with some spell checkers. It is easy to use RapidSpell Web as a Tag in a jsp page or programmatically in code behind, either way full customisation of style, layout and properties is possible. Using a simple HTML template mechanism it is also possible to layout the spell checker as you wish, including branding. All dictionaries (main and user's) are stored on the server, yet the user's spell checking experience is not hampered by any post-backs to the server, because there are none. RapidSpell Web functions in one of two modes, 'popup' - which open's a small console window with the spell checker in it or in 'separate' - which loads the spell checker in the main window on a separate page, there are no restrictions with either of these modes. Two powerful suggestions engines can be used to find good suggestions for words, including an exclusive 'sounds-like' algorithm. RapidSpell Web was designed to JSP1.1 specification and supports legacy browsers, Internet Explorer 5+, Netscape 6+, Opera and Safari.

RapidSpell Web is expected to work with all J2EE servers, it has been tested in, and works correctly with;

BEA WebLogic Server
IBM WebSphere
Sun ONE Application Server
Jakarta Tomcat
Improvements in v2.3

New RapidSpellWebMultiple Tag makes multiple check boxing cleaner and simpler.
Duplicate word detection added.
Script filtering added to prevent malicious Javascripts in text from running.
setDictFileStream in RapidSpellWeb tag and RapidSpellChecker facilitates Dict file loading from alternative sources (such as WAR files).
Safari and Opera browser support.
SSL friendly, SSL sites are now supported without the mixed content warning (set SSLFriendly attribute to true in Tags).
Modal popups supported with modal attribute in RapidSpellWebLauncher.
Popup window position now settable.
buttonImageMouseOut/Over/Down attributes allow images to be used instead of buttons, easily.
New properties added to define element styles in spell checker.
Portuguese UI texts and parser added to support new dictionary.
allowMixedCase attribute added to optionally allow errors such as "aFrIca" (default: false).
Improvements in v2.2

Improved suggestions algorithm.
Improvements in v2.1

Servlet compatibility added, allowing RapidSpell Web Java to be used with full functionality in Servlets.
Smoother multiple text box checking, multiple text boxes can be checked with one button (consult demo).
Dict file functionality added for run-time switchable dictionaries.
International UI text added for French, German, Spanish and Italian.
Improvements in v2

Full JSP Tag included
Addition of new alternative suggestions algorithm
Large speed increases in word lookup and suggestion finding
Direct future non English language dictionary support
More behaviour customisation methods
More accurate and separate US & UK dictionaries
3rd Party component support
Multiple text box per page checking
HTML/XML text compatible
More behaviour control

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