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ID: 24954, BuilderBooster Professional for C++ Builder 2007 V1.3.0.1

by Simon Farmer Email: Anonymous

BuilderBooster reduces compile times using a sophisticated client/server solution which uses file caching, optimizations, multi-threaded and multi-machine compiling and automatic background compilation. Visit
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For C++Builder, Version 11.0  to 11.1 93 downloads
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Updated on Wed, 05 Sep 2007 20:00:17 GMT
Originally uploaded on Mon, 27 Aug 2007 10:06:04 GMT
SHA1 Hash: 28269908CB9963CD6F3F9D90E047F721D7A92F99
MD5 Hash: C853813EDFC16E75B2AD4846C87C1153

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BuilderBooster virtually eliminates compile times by using advanced techniques to manage and enhance the CodeGear Compilation System. BuilderBooster can compile projects up to 100 times quicker than the standard CodeGear tools by using a sophisticated client/server solution which uses file caching, optimizations, multi-threaded and multi-machine compiling and automatic background compilation to dramatically reduce compile times.


The Professional edition for C++ Builder 2007 has the following features:-

* Optimised Quad core and Quad processor support.

* Multi-threaded compilation taking advantage of multi-threading and Multi-processor machines.

* Header, source and pre-compiled header file caching to reduce compile times.

* Object, Delphi compiled unit, and lib file caching to reduce build times.

* Optimisations producing faster compilations.

* Pre-compiled header injection can vastly reduce compilation times by injecting an auto-generated pre-compiled header file into your source at compilation time.

* Build-Events take control of your builds by writing pascal scripts to control what happens to your source before and after it is compiled.

* ActiveCompile builds any out-of-date files automatically in the background while you continue editing your source code.

* Build & Backup automatically archives your successful builds into unique time-stamped project containing every dependency required by your build.

* BBMake replaces MSBuild to provide a command-line tool which enables you to build your C++ Builder projects using BuilderBooster's advanced technology. Included is a dedicated action plug-in for the third-party FinalBuilder application.

* Advanced optimisations reducing builds time by up to 25% compared to that of the Standard version.

* Multiple Project/Project Group support for BBMake.

* Compiles other projects while linking.

* ActiveCompile can link projects automatically and adds the ability to continue compiling/linking when switching to between projects.

NOTE: RemoteBoost is not included in this edition of BuilderBooster


BuilderBooster also comes in 3 other editions to suite your budget and is available for C++ Builder 4 and above. Please visit for more details.

For more information, see

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