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ID: 25084, Freeware Alpha Blend and Chroma Key Bitmap Routines

by Henry Eckstein Email:

Fast software-based 32-bit colour bitmap Alpha Blend and
Chroma Key Source Code and Demo Project and Executable.
It is Freeware and Unrestricted Public Domain Code.

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For Delphi, Version 3.0  to 10.0 656 downloads
Copyright: No significant restrictions

Size: 5,113,674 bytes
Updated on Mon, 05 Nov 2007 17:10:47 GMT
Originally uploaded on Mon, 29 Oct 2007 03:25:31 GMT
SHA1 Hash: D8A9BC3609D9367A1672CD82A90B47B7583D96FD
MD5 Hash: 6B4705E3C045831D853E2DFBA744B1B8

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These are fast software-based Alpha Blend and Chroma Key routines
allowing users to Alpha Blend two full colour (i.e. 32 bit colour)
bitmap images together using separate alpha channel bitmaps,
or use single RGB pixel values or using percentage blend values
to alpha blend two bitmaps together.

There is also a Chroma Key function built-in that allows one to
search for a specific colour (with a percentage leeway)
in a background bitmap and replace it with a foreground image.
It is an update to my earlier 2003 alpha blend code
and is current to October 28, 2007

This code is also designed and coded so that it can be easily
translated to C++, C#, Basic and Java. I use high-level names
and descriptions and plenty of comments to outline how
my code works. Originally designed in Delphi 7 but will work
in earlier versions if you make sure your Uses clause contains
the appropriate modules for your version of Delphi.

Please set your Delphi IDE line wrap to 255 characters wide
to ensure you see my code the way I do on my screen.

This code is completedly FREEWARE AND PUBLIC DOMAIN
for personal and commercial use with no restrictions
whatsoever. All I ask is that you give me some credit
in your source code and splash screens or
in the about/help windows.

Thank You and Best Wishes in Your Coding!

Henry A. Eckstein

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