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ID: 25473, Protection! Licensing Toolkit 3.5 for Linux

by Alexander Krivov Email:

Protection! Licensing Toolkit delivers powerful feature-rich licensing solution. Licensing Toolkit that empowers software developers with a fast implementation of the entire licensing life cycle.
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For JBuilder, Version 1.0  to 14.0 7 downloads
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Size: 26,471,335 bytes
Updated on Sat, 29 Mar 2008 15:12:13 GMT
Originally uploaded on Fri, 21 Mar 2008 10:33:16 GMT
SHA1 Hash: E13EB53DD9C3FDBED08663DEAD8D7D046C938705
MD5 Hash: 05F50312141041F4E671E9DB88080712

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Protection! provides support for breadth of licensing models including both Floating and Named-User model types. With the additional Protection! Licensing Server software publishers can introduce even greater variety of the licensing models and distribution schemes into their applications.
"Protection!'s ease of use and ease of implementation give power to software developers to embed licensing support into their application in as little as a day," said Gregory Ledenev, Chief Technical Officer of jProductivity.

Protection! empowers software developers to implement robust licensing features into their applications while providing an easy and non-invasive environment to their end-users.

See Protection! in action:

Versatile Solution for Any Licensing Needs

"One of the most pressing reasons for software license protection is to prevent unintentional copies, either to end-users who are not internally allowed to use the software or because large organizations do not want un-purchased copies created, violating agreements and generating an unintended liability to vendors," said Alexander Krivov, Chief Executive Officer of jProductivity.

With the help of the Protection! Licensing Toolkit, Software publishers are able to easily and economically increase the scalability of their applications, control all aspects of licensing and tracking, and enable additional revenue generation models.

Protection! does not impose any processes on the software publisher and therefore can quickly and easily be adapted to any business model. Protection! locks out the pirates. This comprehensive toolkit solves today's complex licensing challenges. The program minimizes users' ability to make unauthorized use of applications, and frees developers and software publishers to work on the core functionality that makes their applications great.

Protection! Licensing Toolkit Family

Protection! offers the right licensing solution for all types of users, from an enterprise to a single "lone wolf" developer. With Protection! Framework at the heart of the Licensing Toolkit family, the portfolio also includes Protection! Sales, designed for the sales staff; Protection! Licensing Server, a turnkey solution supporting additional licensing models, tracking concurrent use of the licenses, licenses distribution, activities monitoring, and much more; Protection! Backend, which is designed to fully automate all of the licensing processes and provides the ability to integrate Protection! into any back-office system be that a Database, CRM or SFA applications, or entire ERP solutions.

Protection! offers a comprehensive set of features and functions giving developers full control over licensing solution including, but not limiting to, the following:

* Quick and easy embedding into custom application
* Ability to get full control of license reading and validation.
* Ability to specify a set of application features permitted for use according to the license.
* Ability to control number of simultaneously running copies of the application with the same license.
* Trial versions support with ability to specify evaluation period for each product
* Ability to embed license into the application to allow CD distribution of trial versions.
* Ability to discover patched application parts.
* Powerful Control Center application to allow easy maintenance of products and licenses.
* Strong license file encryption
* Ability to have unique public/private key for each application
* Ability to specify custom message dialogs
* Ability to create unlimited number of products and unlimited number of feature sets for each product
* Ability to generate licenses for various products feature sets
* Ability to specify custom code snippets and save them as ready to use java implementation files

Protection! is an intuitive, feature rich and platform independent tool for developers interested in protecting their custom applications and implementing a powerful licensing solution. The new version includes:

* A variety of Licensing Models: Named User License, Floating User License and Grace Period Support
* License Upgrade and Activation Support
* The ability to specify exactly which product features are enabled for a given license type and license state combination
* The ability to specify a resolver that can be used to intercept and fix any issue that occurs during license reading and/or validation
* Powerful Licensing Assistant and License Activation Wizards
* Powerful Protection! Control Center: designed to facilitate product maintenance with the ability to create an unlimited number of products and feature sets for each of the products
* Web Services Support: provides a ready-to-deploy Web Services application with built-in support for remote license generation and activation
* Back-End Development Support: includes rich API for building powerful back-ends. Back-End Support offers a default implementation as a foundation for effortlessly building custom back-ends that are exported through Web Services, RMI or other remote invocation technology
* Plug-ins Support: offers the ability to easily extend default built-in implementations to allow for additional functionality such as license generation and activation process tracking

Protection! - Makes a Difference
Protection! Licensing Framework for Java solves complex licensing challenges. Developers using Protection! are able to build and distribute their applications with the peace of mind that unauthorized use of their applications is minimized, thereby translating to the recovery of potentially lost revenues.

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