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ID: 25603, Hotfix 13 for Borland Developer Studio 2006 and Turbo C++ 2006

by Tim DelChiaro Email: Anonymous

This hotfix addresses multiple issues for C++Builder users. Please see the readme for more information. This hotfix also applies to Turbo C++ Explorer and Professional editions.
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Borland Developer Studio 2006 - Architect Educational edition
Borland Developer Studio 2006 - Architect Trial
Borland Developer Studio 2006 - Architect edition
Borland Developer Studio 2006 - Enterprise edition
Borland Developer Studio 2006 - Professional Educational edition
Borland Developer Studio 2006 - Professional edition
Turbo C++ 2006 Explorer Edition
Turbo C++ 2006 Professional Edition
Turbo C++ 2006 Professional Edition Academic

For C++Builder, Version 10.0  to 10.0
Copyright: All rights reserved

Terms of use: Export restrictions

Size: 539,864 bytes
Updated on Thu, 07 Oct 2010 10:53:37 GMT
Originally uploaded on Tue, 06 May 2008 17:18:26 GMT
SHA1 Hash: 3AA9C91009BA265EF233C1C83C543B9D2953C2E6
MD5 Hash: 96489BDF4D78F5A2400A9D71069EF7C1

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BDS2006 Update 2, Hotfix #13

This software patch is being provided to licensed users of Borland Developer
Studio 2006. Installation and use are governed by the license statement for
Borland Developer Studio 2006.

This Hotfix applies to:

Product: Borland Developer Studio
Version: 2006
Update level: Update 2
Editions: Professional, Enterprise, Architect
Languages: English, German, French, Japanese

Description of updates that are included in this hotfix:

This fix incorporates the following enhancements and fixes.

- Memory leak in OpenArray's assignment operator. (QC #39393)

- Wrong declaration of PShortint in sysmac.h (QC #36155)

- TOleString is broken in Unicode mode (QC #35544)

- Variant operators fail (QC #30262)

- Memory leak in OleVariant (QC #31712)

Quality Central Tracking Number(s): QC #39393, #36155, #35544,# 30262, #31712
Internal Tracking Number(s): RAID #244509, 243583, #242576, 240430, #241039

Install instructions:

1. Make backup copies of the following files. NOTE - Replace $(BDS) with the root path of your Borland Developer Studio installation. For example, typically $(BDS) maps to "c:\Program Files\Borland\BDS\4.0".

- $(BDS)\source\Win32\vcl\CLASSCRE.ASM
- $(BDS)\source\Win32\vcl\currency.cpp
- $(BDS)\source\Win32\vcl\dstring.cpp
- $(BDS)\source\Win32\vcl\variant.cpp

- $(BDS)\include\vcl\dstring.h
- $(BDS)\include\vcl\safearry.h
- $(BDS)\include\vcl\sysclass.h
- $(BDS)\include\vcl\syscurr.h
- $(BDS)\include\vcl\sysmac.h
- $(BDS)\include\vcl\sysopen.h
- $(BDS)\include\vcl\systobj.h
- $(BDS)\include\vcl\sysvari.h
- $(BDS)\include\vcl\utilcls.h
- $(BDS)\include\vcl\wstring.h

- $(BDS)\lib\debug\vcle.lib
- $(BDS)\lib\release\vcle.lib

2. Replace the files mentioned above with the ones provided in this HOTFIX.

After replacing the files mentioned above, you can simply rebuild your application.

Copyright 2006, Borland Software Corporation. All rights reserved.

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