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ID: 25791, SOCKShell 1.3 Windows Explorer context menu custom extensions

by Jud Cole Email: Anonymous

SOCKShell adds some useful options to the Windows Explorer context menu and allows the user to add and arrange context menu options of their own.
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For Delphi, Version 5.0  to 12.0 41 downloads
Copyright: All rights reserved

Size: 853,963 bytes
Updated on Wed, 22 Jul 2009 18:34:06 GMT
Originally uploaded on Fri, 01 Aug 2008 20:11:41 GMT
SHA1 Hash: CB77050F60E24B986758A4EAE4370AC2BB8E1CC0
MD5 Hash: A28D688E6C0ECF51D036689EEAD44AF4

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The Windows Explorer's File menu and context menu (the menu displayed when you right click on an item in the Explorer window) display the options that operate on the selected object. These operations include the standard Cut, Copy, Delete and Rename operations if they are appropriate, and will often include other operations which are specific to the type of object that was clicked on.

SOCKShell expands and enhances the Windows Explorer context menu by adding a number of new predefined options and allowing you to add any number of your own options, both to the main context menu and to the SOCKShell submenu.

The predefined options include:

Analyse Pascal source code - Report on the number of lines, classes, functions, procedures etc.

Explore in a new window - Open a new copy of Windows Explorer in the selected folder.

Copy the full path - Copy the full path of the selected item(s) to the Windows Clipboard.

Edit with Wordpad - Edit the selected file with Windows Wordpad.

Edit with Notepad - Edit the selected file with Windows Notepad.

Open a Command Prompt - Open a Windows Command prompt in the selected folder.

Set file attributes - Set the attributes of the selected file(s) and folder(s).

Set file date and time - Set the date and time of the selected file(s) and folder(s).

To install SOCKShell, simply UNZIP the SOCKShellNN.ZIP file to a temporary folder and then run SETUP.EXE. The installation program includes a complete Uninstall option.

For more information, see

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