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ID: 27769, C++Builder Developer's Journal - C++Builder 2010 Special Issue

by Malcolm Groves Email: Anonymous

C++Builder 2010 provides many new features not found in previous versions. The goal of this special issue is to highlight and openly discuss these features which are distinctive to C++Builder 2010.
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Welcome to this special issue of the C++Builder Developer’s Journal on C++Builder 2010.

C++Builder continues to be the tool of choice for developers seeking a powerful, yet easy-to-use application-development solution for Windows. Embarcadero C++Builder 2010 represents the latest and greatest release of this award-winning tool.

This special issue discusses several important aspects of C++Builder development which are unique to version 2010. Even more, many of the techniques presented in this issue are relevant to all developers who upgrade to a newer version of C++Builder.

Bob Swart opens the issue with an article on how to use C++Builder 2010 to build DataSnap 2010 server and client applications. Bob discusses several unique aspects of DataSnap 2010, including server methods. If you need a robust way of creating a data broker/client application, this is the article for you.

Next, Josh Kelley provides an important two-part series on migrating a C++Builder application to Unicode—a daunting process for most developers. In his first article, Josh provides an introduction to Unicode and discusses various ways to work with Unicode text in C, C++, the Windows API, and the VCL.

In his second article on Unicode, Josh provides specific details and guidelines on how to migrate a C++Builder application to Unicode. Josh presents several C/C++ techniques that can be used to help with a Unicode migration. This two-part series is a must-read for all C++Builder developers.

Next, Curtis Krauskopf provides three techniques for changing the default directory where new C++Builder 2010 projects are saved. As we all know, the C++Builder IDE insists on saving new projects into the folder “My Documents\RAD Studio\Projects,” whereas most developers prefer to save their projects in custom locations. Curtis presents three approaches for customizing this location.

Next, ByeongCheol Nam and Ki-Tae Bae describe how to develop a multi-touch system using C++Builder 2010. The authors present a system which uses an infrared sensor as a multi-touch sensing device; however, for those without such a device, you can still test the code by using two mice.

Finally, Curtis Krauskopf closes the special issue with an article on his experiences in porting libraries from BCB 6 to C++Builder 2010. Curtis discusses how to overcome a significant potential problem when linking static libraries into a C++Builder 2010 project.

Thanks to the authors and editors who have made this special issue possible. A special thanks is particularly due to our loyal readers who have continued to support the C++Builder Developer’s Journal since its first publication over 13 years ago.

On behalf of the special issue editorial board, I’d like to welcome you to this special issue, and I sincerely hope you find the material useful. Enjoy!

Malcolm Smith, Special Issue Lead Editor
MJ Freelancing and Comvision Pty Ltd

Other Special Issue Editors:
Guest Editor: Malcolm Groves, Embarcadero Technologies
Guest Editor: Curtis Krauskopf, The Database Managers
Guest Editor: Remy Lebeau, Lebeau Software, TeamB, and Indy Project Team
Guest Editor: Bob Swart, Bob Swart Training & Consultancy (
Publications Editor: Damon Chandler, C++Builder Developer’s Journal

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