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ID: 27802, Accuracer Database System

by Ella Perelman Email: Anonymous

Accuracer is an unique embedded single-file SQL database with a wide feature set. Fast and easy-to-use, scalable from single-user to file-server and client-server.
- Powerful database engine with transactions support and B+Tree indexes.
- True relational database - full foreign keys support and trigger events in TACRDatabase and TACRServer.
- Cross-platform product - ODBC Driver and Kylix version available.
- Ideal as BDE replacement - does not require any .dll and includes data transfer utility.
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For Delphi, Version 15.0  to 15.0 95 downloads
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Updated on Tue, 24 Aug 2010 08:07:47 GMT
Originally uploaded on Wed, 28 Jul 2010 07:39:48 GMT
SHA1 Hash: 4288DA663550BA62658609D034DFFB305E4FBC6C
MD5 Hash: 7DB2C3534E7CE8B6059EE6756E2DB157

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Accuracer Database System is a Windows / Linux cross-platform BDE alternative embedded Delphi database with SQL support for software developers working in Borland Delphi / C++Builder and Kylix .

Accuracer represents the next generation of our Delphi databases products line which started more than five years ago with such highly famous and respected product as EasyTable. Accuracer Database System products line includes several independent DBMS products for working with the databases in Accuracer format:
- Accuracer VCL - general package for software development in Delphi/C++Builder;
- Accuracer CLX - general package for Kylix;
- Accuracer Utilities - package includes utilities with full source code;
- Accuracer ODBC Driver - ODBC version for Windows;
- Accuracer Bold DB Adapter - support for Borland Bold for Delphi , a usefull tool for data import/export;
- Accuracer Data Provider for Fast Query Builder - for visual query building;
- Accuracer Database Connection for Easy Query - for visual query building;
- Accuracer Data Provider for Active Query Builder - for visual query building using Active Query Builder.

Accuracer VCL/CLX includes a new original BDE alternative database engine which supports the almost all TTable, TQuery, TDatabase, TSession, TBatchMove functions and provides some special ones to give you high functionality and ease of use.

Accuracer is currently available for the Borland Delphi, C++Builder and Kylix development environments in Single-User (SU), Multi-User (MU) and Client/Server (CS) versions.

Key Features:
# Client/server database engine with server component and custom messages
# Easy-to-use multi-user (file-server) database engine
# Multi-thread access
# Storing all tables inside the single database file
# Embedded database: no BDE, no DLLs
# SQL'92 (DML & DDL) support
# Referential Integrity support (SQL'99 compliance)
# Fully compatible with standard DB-aware controls
# IProvider Support (ClientDataset)
# Small footprint and low memory usage
# In-Memory tables support for the fastest data access
# Varchar and BLOB field types with optional data compression
# Transactions support with READ COMMITTED isolation level
# BatchMove component
# Reverse engineering (tables to SQL script export)
# Backup and Restore support
# Triggers - database and server events
# Capability of database embedding inside the executable file
# ODBC Driver available
# Windows / Linux cross-platform database engine
# No royalties
# Native Delphi database, full source code available
# Ideal as BDE replacement - does not require any .dll and includes data transfer utility.

Accuracer is the unique product: there is no more client-server single-file database on the Delphi / C++Builder / Kylix third-party components market now.

Versions and Licenses

VCL: versions for Delphi and C++ Builder
CLX: versions for Kylix

SU - single-user: allows one database connection only
MU - multi-user (file-server database), includes all capabilities of SU version
CS - client-server (client-server database), includes all capabilities of both SU and MU versions

Trial - for 1 developer. This version allows up to two database multi-user connections and up to five multi-thread single-user connections. Query component allows to run only SELECT statements. You can test other SQL functionality using Accuracer SQL Console utility. Trial version is intended for evaluation only! To develop your application you must buy one or more of the following commercial versions:

Std - Standard - for 1 developer, without source code.
Pro - Professional - for 1 developer, includes full source code.
Team4 - for up to 4 developers, includes full source code.
Team8 - for up to 8 developers, includes full source code.
Ent - Enterprise - unlimited number of developers at one company, includes full source code and free Upgrade Subscription for 12 months.

All commercial licenses are royalty free. It means you may develop any number of applications for any number of users using this product without additional fees.

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