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ID: 28644, Embarcadero AppWave 3.0

by Peter Rieks Email: Anonymous

Embarcadero® AppWave™ - Full Download

AppWave is a free enterprise grade private PC app store that provides a mobile-like app experience for your Windows PC. This download includes all of the following (not just the Portal, but your own Enterprise Store!), in one easy-to-run package:

  • AppWave Browser - a dedicated app browser that provides a window into your private storefront, that lets you search, rate, review, and run AppWave apps
  • AppWave Studio - the authoring tool that lets you turn PC Windows applications into AppWave apps
  • AppWave - your own private PC App Store: a centralized repository of your PC apps, that controls end-user access, houses app metadata, supports usage reporting, and more!

AppWave includes a selection of popular free apps. It also gives you the option to author and use apps you already own from inside AppWave, as well as to try Embarcadero apps.

Download Details
FTP  download also available
CDN Login Required to Download. (You will be redirected to the login page if you click on the Download Link)
Network License Users

If you are a network license user, click  here  to download this submission.

To download this, you must have registered [one of]:
All-Access Bronze
All-Access Gold
All-Access Platinum
All-Access Silver
All-Access XE Bronze
All-Access XE Gold
All-Access XE Platinum
All-Access XE Silver

For AppWave, Version 2.0  to 4.0
Copyright: All rights reserved

Terms of use: Export restrictions

Size: 207,565,896 bytes
Updated on Tue, 06 Dec 2011 02:24:00 GMT
Originally uploaded on Mon, 05 Dec 2011 12:38:34 GMT

Embarcadero® AppWave™ - Full Download

AppWave is a free enterprise grade private PC app store that provides a mobile-like app experience for your Windows PC software applications. With AppWave, you discover and immediately run your apps friction free.

Want to boost productivity by eliminating the hassles of finding, running and licensing software? With AppWave, you save time and money while saying goodbye to desktop installs, manual upgrade processes, PC OS "decay", and manual license tracking.

Apps are broadcast with AppWave so the latest version is always available. One click launches your app and multiple versions are easily run side-by-side. Plus, you can rate and review apps and share those reviews with your peers. You experience your apps and eliminate the time consuming obstacles to getting them.

AppWave is about:
  • Discovery - Easily browse for apps with built-in search.
  • Immediacy - There are no lengthy installs or time spent trying to find a license key.
  • Always Available - If your hard drive crashes or you get a new computer, there's no need to undergo a lengthy rebuild process.
  • Convenience - Apps and updates are broadcast. There's no need to install or uninstall.
NOTE: Embarcadero AppWave itself is free, but apps used within AppWave come with an initial 30 days trial license upon activation.

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