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ID: 30029, Releasing Unit cache to reduce out of memory errors in the IDE

by Ray Vecchio Email: Anonymous

This is a slightly modified version that that will only flush the cache for packages, and it now only flushes the cache after a compile. The package now flushes the cache after a debug session.
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For Delphi, Version 12.0  to 21.0 116 downloads
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Size: 8,006 bytes
Updated on Mon, 10 Nov 2014 06:23:22 GMT
Originally uploaded on Mon, 27 Oct 2014 09:17:26 GMT
SHA1 Hash: 2173B700012A65988CB15F5D1C09FDB45BB7F23B
MD5 Hash: BF80FCC39A8CEC7BA28073543EF1D8F1

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The Delphi compiler, caches compiled units in memory. Due to Unicode strings, more RTTI, template support etc the unit sizes have grown over the years so they occupy more memory. Couple this with more packages being used in the IDE and possibly more 3rd party packages. One can see how it makes the compiler's job of allocating sufficient memory for this caching process very difficult. This package will flush the unit cache before each project compilation. The debugger also caches the debug information, after an application terminates, this version will now flush the cache after each debug session. This *will* cause a performs hit. Included is the code for this package kept as simple and as lean as possible.

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