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27638DBArtisanGestão de dados e mudança em ambientes heterogêneos4823/12/2010 7:34:12 AM10/6/2019 9:19:54 AM
26891DBArtisanDBA Day BR - Administrando bases de dados com DBArtisan2725/8/2009 8:39:03 AM10/6/2019 9:57:42 AM
26887DBArtisanDBA Day - Administración de Base de Datos con DBArtisan2715/7/2009 9:51:03 AM10/6/2019 9:57:56 AM
27631DBArtisanGestión de datos y cambios en ambientes de base de datos heterog2473/7/2010 11:51:07 PM10/6/2019 9:20:16 AM
27301DBArtisanThe Value of Using DBArtisan in a DBA Team2009/11/2009 7:40:25 AM10/6/2019 9:35:06 AM
26775DBArtisanA Simple Approach to DB2 Index Redesign593/24/2009 4:45:18 PM10/6/2019 10:03:12 AM
26813DBArtisanEffective Buffer Pool Strategies343/26/2009 12:01:09 PM10/6/2019 10:01:08 AM
26814DBArtisanHow Much DB2 Testing is Enough?263/26/2009 12:02:43 PM10/6/2019 10:01:05 AM

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