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C++Builder Best Techniques Submissions

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21920 C++Builder Best Techniques C++ 5.5
7/4/2004 7:48:18 AM 2 0 bytes
21663 C++Builder Best Techniques SC UniPad
SC UniPad is a Unicode™ plain text editor for the Windows NT®, Windows 2000®, Windows 9x®, Windows ME® and Windows XP® operating systems.
4/26/2004 1:09:04 PM 408 3MB
21067 C++Builder Best Techniques Mail client with functionality similar to Outlook Express
Mail client with functionality similar to Outlook Express
11/18/2003 2:08:39 PM 1038 362.6K
16572 C++Builder Best Techniques Registering editors for properties of not-VCL types
To associate a custom property editor with the property type of a component’s class the RegisterPropertyEditor function is used.
2/28/2003 5:03:18 AM 692 2.2K
16556 C++Builder Best Techniques Use of SaveDC and RestoreDC with TCanvas
The TCanvas class does not encapsulate the Windows GDI functions of SaveDC and RestoreDC that provide saving and restoring of the device context state.
2/28/2003 5:02:44 AM 846 2.5K
17979 C++Builder Best Techniques Adding an userdefined __published Event to a Form in someway
Adding an userdefined __published Event to a Form, in spite of that circumstance that the IDE organize that section.
5/7/2002 7:45:58 AM 837 409.7K
15763 C++Builder Best Techniques Tips on C++ Builder support for COM
General information on COM and C++ Builder's support for COM.
3/25/2002 11:49:42 AM 5384 15.8K
15526 C++Builder Best Techniques dpmi dos memory alloc
GlobalDosAlloc -> 16bit dpmi dos function = GetDiskSerialNumber
1/24/2001 10:55:30 PM 12 0 bytes

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