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Submissions by Marina Movikova


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25824 Delphi Components Devrace FIBPlus for Delphi/C++ Builder
FIBPlus is a component suite intended for work with InterBase. It is direct, fast and flexible InterBase connectivity for Delphi, C++ Builder, Ada and Kylix. FIBPlus supports Delphi 5-7, Delphi 2005-2009, C++ Builder 5-6, C++ Builder 2006-2009, Kylix 3, gnat-3.15p, gnat2006 GPL, and all versions of InterBase 4.x-7.x, InterBase 2007-2009 and Firebird 1.x-2.x.
8/27/2008 3:52:02 AM 51 1.6MB
25875 Delphi Components Devrace CleferFilter for Delphi/C++ Builder
CleverFilter is a visual data filter for Delphi and C++ Builder. It supports Delphi 6-7, Delphi 2005, Delphi 2006, Delphi 2007, C++ Builder 6, C++ Builder 2006 and C++ Builder 2007 and includes adapters for FIBPlus, ADO, BDE, IBX, dbExpress, ODAC and NexusDB (for Delphi only).
8/5/2008 1:09:03 AM 24 7.7MB

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