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Submissions by Colin Maharaj


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26320 C++Builder Source Code Parallel Sort using C++ and the WinAPI
This shows a divide-and-conquer technique for doing simultaneous quick sort in separate threads with 2 partitioned segments of data. A Merge is required after the sort.
11/30/2008 5:57:58 PM 217 387.6K
26207 C++Builder Binaries Detecting Suspend Time
Determines if Suspend is possible on the current system and if a suspend timer is actually on.
11/1/2008 1:30:34 AM 34 250.7K
25541 C++Builder Complete Projects Bignumber Math and RSA Testing Utility
Big Number Math and RSA Testing
4/20/2008 4:01:00 AM 244 363.4K

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