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Submissions by Anders Melander


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23678 StarTeam Binaries VisDiff drop-in replacement using Araxis Merge
Replaces StarTeam's internal visdiff.exe to use Araxis Merge for two-way compare. The original filename and revision info is displayed in Araxis Merge.
10/16/2005 5:12:39 PM 176 225.6K
16981 Delphi OpenTools MSDN help integration v1.2
IDE expert that integrates the MSDN library with the Delphi IDE's help system.
11/9/2001 6:07:42 PM 511 20.3K
14069 Delphi Components Drag and Drop Component Suite v4.0
Collection of 20 components which enables your Delphi and C++ Builder application to leverage all aspects of COM based inter application drag and drop.
5/18/2001 12:26:43 PM 2281 423.7K
13914 Delphi Source Code MIDAS server in a service
11/12/1999 6:04:18 AM 1991 24.1K
13313 Delphi Source Code Determining the size of a GIF file stored in a stream
10/6/1999 12:00:00 AM 411 762 bytes
13401 Delphi Source Code Attacher - design time utility
9/8/1999 12:00:00 AM 395 11.2K
590 Delphi FAQ List Converting a TIcon to a TBitmap
5/12/1999 12:00:00 AM 16 0 bytes

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