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Submissions by Sebastian Mayora


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22742 Delphi Components EDBImage 1.6 JPG in your DB
Boring of using DBImage?, try Enhaced DBImage: support .jpg .wmf .emf .* images in your DB now. Free! w/s
11/11/2004 11:17:44 AM 1275 25.9K
17548 Delphi Source Code Configuration Object
Use Object instead Inifiles.
How make a Configuration Object (to store app. settings)easy.
Article included, fully commented (ask for spanish version).
4/29/2003 10:31:15 AM 932 15.4K
19733 Delphi Source Code Object Configuration
This project desmostrates the use of Delphi Objects to store application configuration.
4/8/2003 5:28:18 AM 402 8.9K
18054 Delphi Components TEDBImage 1.4 and TQREDBImage 1.0
This DBImage lets you store any type of images in your database without extra code. And you can Print it using QuickReport
5/30/2002 6:05:25 PM 13 0 bytes
17547 Delphi Source Code TEDBImage 1.3
This DBImage lets you store any type of images in your database without code.
5/24/2002 4:54:29 PM 1027 13.7K
17973 Delphi Source Code AutoStart your App with windows (registry)
Auto Start your application using the registry.
5/6/2002 2:57:52 PM 801 597 bytes
15879 Delphi Source Code Print the content of a DBGrid Using QRCreateList
This is a procedure with few parameters a DBGrid, a Title and Action
using QRCreateList (QRPP or QuickReport 3.0 and later versions).
Few lines of code and it's READY!!, just the visible columns, with the SAME width !!
4/21/2001 10:17:58 PM 954 840 bytes
15720 InterBase Database Custom Messages for Interbase Check Errors
Lets you customize messages like "Operation violate check constraint xxx in view or table xxx".
4/21/2001 9:41:42 PM 1567 19.6K
15781 Delphi OpenTools Utility to customize IB (InterBase) error messages
Change IB error messages like "Operation violates check constraint XXX in table or view YYYY" to something more significant to you.
4/6/2001 6:13:28 PM 569 19.6K
15782 Delphi Source Code Query extensor for Interbase 6.0 IBExtensor
This component lets you build Querys in your client's home without recompile your app.
You can create and modify your querys, just set a cuple of properties, call a method and the component interact with the user. Your querys are saved in a .ini file.
3/27/2001 2:59:14 PM 224 21.7K

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