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Submissions by Franck Musson


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19690 Delphi Source Code TProcessPriority, TThreadPriority
Changing processes and threads priorities
3/26/2003 12:58:04 PM 461 2.2K
15261 Delphi Components TDBTreeView Component
TDbTreeview Component. it works with any kind of TDataset, you have just a little adapter to register for a new kind of TDataset.
10/9/2002 1:44:45 PM 3779 25.4K
18115 Delphi Components Security Descriptors Components
These components are used to manipulate Windows Security descriptors : Generic, File & Directory rights, Registry Rights
(SecurityDescriptor, ACL, ACE, SID)
10/2/2002 11:30:22 PM 603 88.8K
18021 Delphi Complete Projects Custom DLL Surrogate
dllhost32.exe is a replacement for the default system surrogate
5/12/2002 12:50:48 PM 365 186.9K
16563 Delphi Components TMailslotServer and TMailslotClient Components
a mailslot is a mechanism for one-way interprocess communications (broadcast)
3/14/2002 3:18:06 PM 569 24K
15260 Delphi Components TShellShortCut Component
Create, modify and delete Windows Shell ShortCuts with this component
3/14/2002 2:33:24 PM 839 21.7K
15231 Delphi Components TCab and TUnCab Components (For CAB Files)
TCab : Used to make Cab Files
TUnCab : Used to Extract from Cab Files
1/28/2002 1:10:21 PM 1398 250.8K
14323 Delphi Best Techniques Custom Moniker Classes with security
3/25/2000 12:00:00 AM 1156 84.5K
14416 Delphi Source Code Generic Form Expert for D3/D5
2/4/2000 1:11:16 PM 666 13.8K

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